How to Disable Automatic Video Playback in Chrome and Firefox?

Automatic playback fulfills the function of helping the user decide which videos to watch, they are based on the history of views you have made. This function is enabled by default, the automatic playback of the videos shows a countdown, in addition to the identification of the video to be played.

Similarly, this option is not favorable for many users of the Chrome and Firefox browsers. For this reason, we will indicate which are the instructions you must follow in order to disable autoplay in these two browsers.

In turn, you must understand that the playback stops when you start a search and write some kind of comment. In the same way, you can click on the cancel option that you will see on the screen when the Countdown.

Avoid playing videos automatically in Chrome

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This option is found in different browsers, for this reason we will explain below the steps to follow to deactivate automatic playback.

First of all we will explain how disable this option in the Google Chrome browser, since these videos are played when you visit different websites that have this type of automatic content.

Chrome has evolved over time and offers new versions, so it is rare to find a video in this browser that plays with sound included automatically. But if it is possible to deactivate all the videos so that they are not reproduced and that they can only be viewed when the user decides and clicks.

In order to deactivate the automatic reproduction, the following link must be written in the Chrome address bar: chrome: // flags / # autoplay-policy. From this section you can modify the reproduction, since it is in Default which is integrated by default.

By being there located they will appear three options which are: to be played only if you interact with the page, when you click on the video or automatically. Similarly, the option that interests is the second.

By selecting the preference to play only on click, the video will not play when opening any page in the Chrome browser. You can only view them by doing it manually and clicking it to start rolling.

If you follow the steps and go to the browser, you will be able to automatically deactivate the videos, since the configuration can be done from there. In turn, it should be noted that this process can be done from different operating systems.

Learn how to disable video autoplay in Firefox

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Firefox is one of the most popular browsers and in the same way it can be updated to the latest version and deactivate the automatic videos so that the user is more comfortable when conducting searches and that they only see the videos at the time that suits them best. clicking on it.

The deactivation processes are similar to those of the Chrome search engine, you must «Enter about: config.» By performing this step you will be able to view a «Search box» that appears at the top and in which you must write: «Media.autoplay».

This option will allow us to visualize the default option of the browser which is with a value of «0». For this reason, the videos are played automatically when you enter any web page.

To deactivate the automatic preference, you just have to click on the name and change the value to «1» this way the automatic videos will be blocked.

For most users these reproductions can interrupt the comfortable search they are doing. In the same way, they could slow down the search in the browser.

In conclusion, in this way the videos can be configured so that they do not play automatically in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. In turn, you can save connection resources.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear from you. Have you been able to disable autoplay of videos in Chrome and Firefox? Do you know of another method to disable video autoplay in Chrome and Firefox? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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