How to Disable AutoPlay in Spotify to Save Data (Example)

In today’s article we will see how to disable autoplay on Spotify to save data on our device. We will also see how to carry out the same process from our computer.

We cannot deny that Spotify is one of the best platforms for listening to music online. We don’t need to download anything, the songs load quite fast, we can change the language, they have millions of songs available and you always find what you are looking for.

It is a high quality service that allows us to listen to music by streaming, download all the songs we want and repeat the same song several times. However, as almost all services of this style (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) have a Autoplay which can be annoying.

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The worst of all is not that it is so annoying. The worst thing is that if we have mobile data from our phone, we may end up spending data from our plan on songs that we don’t really like at all.

How can we solve this problem? A little further down we are going to show you how to disable the automatic start of songs in Spotify. It is too simple a process, since, in the same options of both the mobile application and in the case of computers, it is at a glance.

So read on and you will learn in both cases how you should do to finally get Spotify do not play automatically no song after you finish listening to the music you like.

spotify on mobile

Disable autoplay on Spotify from PC

In case you use Spotify from a computer, then you will have to open the application as you usually do. Then you will have to go to the menu that is under our username and enter the part of «Setting».

Next, we are going to have to go down until we find the option that says «AutoPlay» and we will have to move the switch so that it is gray. That way we can disable automatic playback on Spotify from our computer.

spotify logo

Disable autoplay on Spotify from mobile

If you use Spotify from your mobile and you want to disable automatic playback in Spotify then what you will have to do is open the app. After this we are going to have to go to the library and once we are here, we are going to click on the gear-shaped icon which is in the upper right part.

Once we are in configuration, we will have to look for the option «Autoplay» which makes Spotify automatically play similar songs once the music we are playing is finished, something that can be quite annoying.

As you can see, it is not complicated at all to disable automatic playback in Spotify whether you use it from a computer or from a mobile device. In the event that you do it from your phone, then you can save data, since you will not be playing songs that you do not want.

Likewise, the best way to save data when we use Spotify from the mobile is to take advantage when we are connected to a Wi-Fi network and download all the playlists we like. Then when we go out and we will be with mobile data, we simply use the offline mode of our account and that’s it.

In this way we can listen to all the songs we want without having to spend even a little mobile data. It’s a fairly simple way to save a good deal of data.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt about how to disable autoplay on Spotify, you can leave it a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you in whatever is necessary.

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