How to Disable AutoPlay of Videos and GIFs on Twitter

Social networks are extremely important for many people, to the point where we can find large numbers of people on the street just by looking at the social networks of the moment. On the one hand, the rage caused by social networks is quite understandable, since there is a fairly direct way of being able to interact with all kinds of content published by your friends.

In addition, the networks lend themselves to see about the lives of others, and even speak directly with them, so many looking for a certain type of contact will be able to find refuge within social networks. It should be noted that these are also used by many companies or entrepreneurship to advertise by applying marketing strategies.

Also, there are tons of social networks from which one can choose to navigate the content of different persons. It all depends on what kind of content you like or what kind of people you would like to surround yourself with. When it comes to interacting with your friends and family, Facebook or Instagram can be good options.

But, if you want to interact with people you admire, who interest you or just want to meet, maybe Twitter end up being a more suitable place for you. Through a Twitter account you can build a social circle of people to follow and with whom to interact without too much trouble.

Even just by looking at your timeline, you can see all the content you want to see, but there is a problem with some people: videos. Twitter has the default function that all the videos and GIFs you see in your timeline are play automatically, and it can be a problem when you are trying to save data on your mobile device.

Therefore, if they bother you, you can continue reading, as we have made a tutorial for you that will make it very clear how you can solve this.

twitter option configuration

Disabling autoplay on your computer

You have two options to be able to manage the automatic reproductions in your Twitter account: You can do it through your computer or through the app. Although, we can start by talking about how disable automatic reproductions through your computer, being something more direct.

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And, it really is very simple, all you have to do is enter your account through the official Twitter site, and then enter the section that you have on the left side of the screen that says “More options”.

Now, a series of options will be displayed and you will have to enter the one that says “Settings and Privacy”. Once inside, you will see lots of different options, but for the reproductions enter the part of “Use of data“And in the” automatic playback “section choose”never”. And, from now on you will not have to worry about automatic plays when you are on the timeline through your computer.

disable twitter playback

Disabling autoplay in your mobile app

The procedure you have to follow to deactivate automatic reproductions on your mobile is quite similar to how you can do it from your computer. First, enter the app, and once inside, slide the screen to the right to open the menu or simply select the button with the three stripes to open it.

Now, enter the option that says “Use of data”. Once inside you will find several options, but you will have to go to the section of “Video”.

Once you have located, you will see a fairly direct option that says “Automatic video playback“, And you only have to select the option”never”.

Remember that you can also do the same in the images section if for any reason you want to save data by not loading the images in high definition.

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