How to Disable Battery Notification on Adroid or Iphone? (Example)

Phones are definitely the best invention, but like every paradise has its flaw, they too, one of the biggest is invasive notifications. Therefore, it is time to learn to disable low battery notification on Android or iPhone.

It’s as easy as changing the Google Chrome search engine on Android. Because although it sounds silly and far-fetched, there are certain invasive notifications that ruin our day. Either because of their annoying sound, or because they appear inopportunely in the worst situation (in the middle of a video game), it is time to get rid of them.

Disable Android or iPhone low battery notification

The first thing is that disabling notifications is mere convenience, it will not increase the power of the device, and much less will it make the battery last longer.

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Second, the option to deactivate this notification is only found in Android 9 PIE, since it was introduced relatively recently. The objective is to fragment a little more what each type of notification is, as well as of course eliminate annoyances for users.

There are two options to perform this task and neither is complicated, in theory one is easier than the other. You can Disable low battery notification from Android or iPhone or change the way it is shown to you.

low battery notification

Disable low battery notifications with very easy methods

Alerts like these are out of line, one usually always has the battery percentage on the screen. Those that do not have a bar that indicates it, a notification was no longer necessary years ago, and finally the users were listened to.

The two options presented to us are completely legal and they are within the same Android system. Why Android and not iPhone as indicated by the title Turn off Android or iPhone low battery notification?

Unfortunately for everyone belonging to the Apple family, it is not possible to remove this notification by itself, what we can do is disable all of them, for this we go to APPs settings, and «Select» Touch ID and code.

It asks for the security code of our device, we enter it and then a menu will appear where the option «Deactivate notifications», «Press» and you’re done, open them deactivated.

First method Goodbye to the alert altogether!

Sometimes, this alert is necessary to know when something is wrong, for example, to repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery or to know how to save the battery of an Android mobile.

In this version of Android there is a better administration of the applications and you can activate and deactivate them separately. First we open the Applications and notifications menu, there will be a section that allows you to see all the applications.

Then we must select the menu option in the form of three points that appears at the top right and then «Press”Show system applications.

Several more options appear «To select”, «Android system» (there is the battery) and then “Click«In notifications, here two options may appear depending on your device, one is»Battery-consuming apps» and «Battery”.

battery-consuming apps

Whatever the case, once you select one of the two options, you are free to disable notifications (if this option does not appear, it is because your Android is modified, and it will not let you do this method).

Second method: Modification for more moderate people

Just go back to the menu before on the phone, first to settings then applications and notifications, we give the option to «Show All», later «See system applications”, This takes us to the Android system, we select notifications and from there to Battery.

In Android PIE 9 we will see the option called «To do» When clicking here it will show us a menu, with the options that we can choose, it can be the same as always (emit sound and show on the screen), but since what you want is to silence it, we give the option «Show silently».

With this, it alerts us but it will only be a small icon that appears at the bottom of the screen without causing any concern. It’s that easy, it’s over, if you are those who do not like interruptions, here is your great solution to deactivate the low battery notification of Android or iPhone.

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