How to Disable Context Menu on Windows Taskbar

We have already mentioned about the important improvements that Windows has made in its most recent update and what this means for the user. But even so there are areas of our desktop that we do not know or do not know to work, this is the case of the taskbar. It is for this reason that we will explain how to disable the context menu on the Windows taskbar.

The taskbar is located along the entire length of the bottom of our screen and here we can anchor the programs that we use most frequently.

This bar can be customized and displayed among other tools. The task manager, directions, links, the touch keyboard, dictionary, antivirus, volume, among others.

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The customization of the task bar is such that we can in a very simple way put our name in this bar. But if the PC is not used only by us, it is possible that they can make changes in the Taskbar of which we will not agree and that is why we will have to How to deactivate the contextual menu in the taskbar of Windows

How to disable the context menu on the Windows taskbar

In case you have not understood what the contextual menu is, when you position yourself on the taskbar with the mouse cursor and do right click a menu appears with different options.

This is the context menu and through it you can add tools, programs and icons to customize the taskbar to your liking.

But it is possible to disable the context menu in the windows taskbar and in this way prevent them from adding or removing icons or even hiding them. Because it is not possible for us to change or modify the changes we have made in our taskbar without our consent, so let’s see what we should do.

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To disable context menu on Windows taskbar, we are going to do it through the Windows Registry. But first it is recommended, to avoid certain inconveniences, to make a backup copy of the registry system. Then we are going to go to the registry window and for this we are going to use the keyboard shortcuts.

How to access the registry to disable the context menu on the taskbar

We will press the Win + R keys to show the search engine and then we will write the following regedit command and then you must click on the OK option. Then you must navigate through the following address HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies. Once this is done you will go to the left side where you will find a panel.

You have to check if the No TrayContextMenu value is found, if not, you have to create it for that we go to the panel that is on the right side and right click.

And we will choose the following option New > 32-bit DWORD. We must assign a name to it and we will put it NoTrayContextMenu.

Now we must change the value and this must be 1 in hexadecimal and ready we close the registry and we have to deactivate the context menu in the Windows taskbar.

Or what is the same, we block the right button of the mouse when it is on the taskbar and it will be impossible for the context menu to be displayed to make changes in that area.

In case you want to reactivate the context menu on the Windows taskbar, you must go the same route. And in the NoTrayContextMenu value you will change the value 1 to zero and you can go to the taskbar and you will be able to modify it without problems.

contextual menu bar

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You see how easy it is to activate and deactivate this function in the taskbar, very quickly. And you could learn this through this article, which showed you the steps to disable the context menu on the Windows taskbar.

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