How to Disable Google Results for AMP Sites on an Android or iOS Device

The AMP technology It is one of the best tools and services that Google offers. This is due to the fact that it allows to load web pages more quickly because it is not necessary to load any Java scripts or other web resources.

All this design is special for mobile devices, being only possible to do it from a Android or iOS mobile. However, some negative aspects such as the inability to share the AMP page from the content, they make this alternative a bit limited.

For this and other reasons, there is the possibility of deactivating results Google of AMP sites and so that you access websites that do not use this feature.

Disable Google results from AMP sites on an Android or iOS device

Unfortunately, there is no specific option to disable this web browser technology, as search results are dependent on the web browser. google search engine. However, this is not to say that there is no solution to bypass this technology.

What you should do is use a search engine that does not have the AMP technology, thus receiving the search results of the original page and not the AMP page. You can use the same browser, using a modified way of searching in a simple way.

google search

What to do first is access the browser from the mobile device and be sure that it supports the AMP technology. As soon as the browser is open, this web address should be placed in the search urls box:

Done and executed this, it will be possible to notice that in the search engine result there will be websites without AMP from the devices Android or iOS. In case you do not want to enter the URL every time you want to have these results, you must modify the default search engine in the navigation of your mobile device.

This may be a bit limited for iOS Safari browsers, but in Google Chrome this configuration can be given. It should be clear that this is not the same as the tool used to remove suggestions from the Google search bar, because with the latter they will continue to be found websites with AMP.

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In this case, you just have to open the app and go to the browser options menu, then select the section Settings. With this, you will have a new window in which you will click on the option called Search Engine.

Thus, a list of search engines will be displayed, with being at the bottom as the newly installed search engine. By selecting this default search engine, original content will always be displayed without any AMP as version.

For this to be possible and the URL appears among the options, it had to be visited previously, having a secure appearance in your Android or iOS device.

google search

Benefits of disabling Google results for AMP sites on an Android or iOS device

By deactivating the search for these results, you have more complete and pure information about what the website has. In some cases, when they are pages that have independent authors, it will be possible to know who they are and the date of publication of the content.

This alternative is simple to do, without having to go to the Android or iOS platform for a specific configuration. Just by having the device, you can make this change, requiring little time and without facilities of other programs for it.

All of this works as long as the google search, so you have to be clear if you want to do it in a predetermined way. If you do not have it, it is not necessary to go to the Browser settings to have this alternative as the default.

On the other hand, other Google tools such as OK Google can be used, being a good assistant available at all times on the mobile device. This greatly reduces the need for the seeker all the time, using only the voice to activate this search assistant.

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This and other search options can be given from the mobile device, being different from the PC. Well, as is well known, in the case of AMP technology, is only available for Android and iOS.

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