How to Disable iMessage Appearance on my Mac and iPhone (Example)

What makes the difference between a successful company and one that is not, is the quantity and quality of the services it offers. And there is no doubt that Apple is one of the best electronics development companies, in addition to offering a large number of services that we can handle to our liking. If you have iMessage and want to manage it, in this article we will show you how to disable the appearance of iMessage on your Mac and iPhone.

iMessage is one of the most used courier services by Apple users. If this is your case and you want to configure it to your liking, no problem, because here we show you how you can do it easily; You will not regret to keep reading and find out.

How to disable the appearance of iMessage?

All those who are part of the wide and diverse world of Apple can agree that, when entering it, they will have to start using the large number of services and platforms of the same. Either to save our files and photos, to listen to the music that we like the most, or to keep in touch with whoever we want, we can access a tool for almost everything whatever we can think of.

And one of those useful tools is iMessage. This messaging platform developed by Apple allows us to send and receive text messages on iPad, Mac, iPhone, and any device that has been launched by the company.

disable imessage on mac

But the problem arises when those with Apple devices need to move to another operating system, leaving their iMessage account behind. What happens is that, even if we stop write and send messages, those who send us will continue to arrive somewhere, only it will not be to our new device.

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Although it is true that many of us could use iMessage on Android easily, we may also simply want to disable it. Read on and you will find out how to do it in just a few simple steps.

How to disable it on Mac?

First of all, when changing the operating system, it is good that we delete our iMessage account from all the Apple devices that we use at the moment. If you have a Mac and want to start using a computer with some other operating system, you can achieve disable iMessage easily to be able to do it without any ties. The steps you must follow are:

  • To get started, turn on your Mac.
  • Go to the “Messages” app.
  • Now click on the “Messages” option.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Then, in the list on the left, find and select your iMessage account.
  • In the option “Disable this account”, press the box to deactivate it.

disable imessage on iphone

That is all! When you have followed these steps, you can breathe easy knowing that you have been able to effectively disable the appearance of iMessage from your Mac. Now if you don’t have a Mac to carry out this procedure on, you can disable and enable iMessage on all iPhone iOS phones from iPhone.

How to disable the appearance of iMessage on iPhone?

This procedure is practically the same from any iPhone, only adapting to the capabilities of each one. The steps to disable the appearance of iMessage on iPhone are very simple. They are:

  • Enter the your iPhone settings.
  • Select the option of “Messages” or messages in Spanish.
  • Once inside it, set the iMessage box to “Off”.

Ready! Sure, we know that Apple think about everything, since as of iOS 10, we can remove our phone number from iMessage just by removing the SIM card from our iPhone. Keep in mind that it will still be necessary to deactivate the account from a Mac or iPad, but we will have already taken a big step in deactivating it.

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We must also remember that, when we start using our iMessage account, our phone number, email and Apple ID are linked to it. For this reason, it is necessary that we know how to close or log in with Apple IDs on iPhone, so that in this way the entire deactivation process is done. much simpler. We hope that all this information can be of great use to you.

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