How to Disable Indexing of Encrypted Files in Windows 10

Then we will see how to disable indexing of encrypted files in Windows 10 in an extremely simple way and above all in very few steps.

Windows uses the index to find search results faster. In this way, the search index helps us find different files that we need and that we do not remember where they are.

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Searches can be very useful, since we also have the possibility to filter them by size, file type, properties, content, etc. So on many occasions having the search index is really very useful.

The index is kept active as a constant process called Searchindexer.exe. When we are using the computer and we modify a file, this index is updated, it does so constantly.

While we use the computer the performance impact should be as low as possible. When we are not using it, it tries to use all the necessary resources to be able to index faster.

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But for some reason you may not want this to stay active in any way. So what we can do is disable it. But we have several ways to disable it, since we can specify not only which zones we want to be added to the index, but we can also disable the indexing of encrypted files.

This, obviously, serves to give our computer more privacy. If we have encrypted files it is evident that we do not want anyone to see the information they contain.

So a little further down we are going to see a fairly simple tutorial for you to learn step by step how to avoid indexing encrypted files and also how to prevent certain sectors of your computer from being part of the search index, all this from the same options window and in a very simple way, but above all fast.

How to disable indexing of encrypted files in Windows

  • The first thing we are going to do is press “Windows + Q“Or just press”Beginning” and writes “Indexing” in order to show up “Indexing options”As a search result, now hit enter.
  • Here we are going to click on the button “Advanced”Located in the area below.
  • Now what we have to do is uncheck the box “Index encrypted files” which is in “File Settings”In this way we prevent encrypted files from being indexed.
  • Then you will simply have to click on “To accept”. And restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

How to disable selective indexing

What we can do in case you want to continue browsing certain sectors of your computer. It is to disable selective indexing. In this way we can disable it in places that are not important.

  • What we must do is click on “Beginning” and search “Indexing”. Once “Indexing options”We simply press enter.
  • In the indexing options box, what we will do is click on “Modify”.
  • Another box opens and we will be able to see the hard drive of our computer. Click on the arrow on the left side.
  • You can then choose which parts of your computer you want to index.
  • Select the zones you want and then simply click on “To accept” and “To close”.
  • Finally, the only thing left to do is restart the computer.

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We hope you have no doubts about how to disable the indexing of encrypted files in Windows, as you can see it is something too easy to do that in a matter of minutes you can have configured without any kind of problem. Likewise, if you still have any questions, you can leave it in the comment box a little further down.

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