How to Disable or Deactivate the F1 Help Key in Windows Easily? (Example)

The keys on the first row of our computer or laptop are known as shortcuts and they are called the function keys. This is why they all begin with F and are followed by numbers ranging from 1 to 12. This causes annoyance among users so, in this article, learn how to disable the F1 help key.

These keys each have specific functions from F1 to F12. You may or may not know all its advantages, the truth is that there is a specific one that usually activates itself or by mistake.

Even though these keys, they work as designated shortcuts previously by the operating system that is installed, in this case Windows. Many of these have been obscured due to new interfaces. Despite this, it never hurts to know what each one means. Maybe at some point you need it.

Function keys

Starting of course with the female lead and the first in line, the F1 key takes care of start a help sale in the programs they are running at the moment. It’s called How do I get help in Windows? And it directs you to the help and support center.

Window how to get help in Windows it’s like a Bing search that can even be started by itself or by accident by pressing that key. This is why many users want to disable the F1 help key. Since, once activated, it can cause delays while the page loads, only for it to close immediately, that is, something a bit annoying.

In addition to the function keys, the keyboard also has special keys that you can activate or deactivate.

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The other function keys

It is good to have a guide on hand that tells you to what each key does or the function for which it was created. If one catches your attention, and in fact you do not have it activated, you can still do it. You are, are the tasks that you can do with the other keys:

  • With F2 you can change the name of any folder or document you choose, F3 is used wherever we are, open the search menu.
  • F5 surely you know it and it is one to which we give the most utility, which is, refresh browser screen. F6 is useful for when you are on the web because, pressing it, you will end up in the URL of the main tab.
  • If you are working on a document, F7 is quite useful, since, works as a dictionary, that is, it does a grammar check. While still in a Word document, with F8 you can select the text and, if you keep it pressed at the start of the system, it will start a safe mode.
  • The F9 has quite a few functions inside the office suite, first if you are in Word you can update the document. And with Excel, you can recalculate a formula. Finally, you can start presentations in Coral Draw as if it were Power Point.
  • F10 is a shortcut to the navigation bar. F11 works so that, while in the browser you can return a tab to full screen, with F11 you can also restart your computer. And the latest F12 you can automatically save as Word or Excel documents. And also, view a file on the internet in its HTML code.

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Ways to disable F1 help key in Windows 10

There are, in fact, several reasons why this function is activated by itself and several solutions to deactivate the F1 help key. Your system may have some misconfiguration or the key is stuck. In this case, it is best to go to check your keyboard and rule out possibilities.

To deactivate the F1 key through the system or registry and make it so indefinitely, the steps are as follows:

  • Click on “Start” on the desktop and go to “Run” and type “REGEDIT” for the registry editor to open.
  • Open this code “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesNlaSvcParametersInternet”. In the window on the right, double-click “EnableActiveProbing” and a smaller window will open.
  • Where says “Value data” change the number to 0, press “Okay” and closes the registration sale. Now, you just have to restart Windows and voila you will have managed to deactivate the F1 help key.

When using these keys, it is important that you check which keyboard you are working with and what the functions of each of these are.

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