How to Disable or Disable Comments on WordPress Posts, Pages and Blog

In the world, the internet has marked an unprecedented change in all of society, in one way or another it became a change, it helps us to interact, meet people, create virtual stores, work matters, it became a tool with multiple utilities for everyone.

In companies, many have had to incorporate the internet to reach more peopleTo also solve more quickly when researching or knowing something you need at the moment, this topic of the internet has been an object of study for a long time.

Companies saw the task of implement new technologies, new ways of communicating and making themselves known, somehow they could not stay in the past.

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Within this world of the internet there are many innovative platforms such as virtual stores, digital newspapers, content creation profiles. For example, you can create a blogger page, if you want to have a productive space on the internet this is one of the ways, as long as it is of interest.

In the same way, we have the WordPress tool. In this article we will let you know how you do disable comments on WordPress posts.

What is WordPress?

If we talk about definition then WorPress it is a content management system. That is, this platform allows you to create and maintain a blog over time, it has evolved and incorporates more tools for creating content, if you are a beginner in this world this will facilitate you to create the best websites, it is easy to use .

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Something that made this platform known was its content management. Well, it is a great option for those who want to start their websiteBecause it is a computer tool, you can install WordPress in Spanish, on this platform it is relevant that you know that you can create a page and thus get your own site.

Another thing you should know is that WordPress has infinities of themes that can be adapt to what you need or it suits you for your website, this platform provides it for you.

How to disable or disable comments on WordPress posts, pages and blog

On many occasions in that blog comments section or pages becomes tedious for various reasons, that is why many times we want to know how to deactivate these comments, many times to also avoid spam.

The main thing we must do is enter your WordPress dashboard From there you look for the settings section and then comments, in this tab you will get the options that you must select, there you can deactivate or activate what is there.

You can choose to deactivate all the options or only the one that says ‘allow comments to be published on new articles’ and click on save changes.

And with the articles that are already published you go to the entries where we publish the blog and we do an editing in batch actions, ticked that section you give it in edit and then apply and when you get the application mode, in the comments option you will select not allow and update.

What else to do in WordPress?

It is relevant that they know that it is not only a blog tool but also that many more things can be done, for example; online stores, reservation center, digital newspapers, corporate website.

panel to enter input in wordpress

Thus, you can extend your knowledge through these tools provided by WordPressYou can even get a support forum and as an advantage also its multiple topics.

We cannot be left behind, in this digital age, we can adapt depending on the need we have or what we want to share with other users through the most used social networks in the world or through these platforms like WordPress that allow you to create content help for all users.

In this current era we must somehow offer a virtual space and thus provide society with knowledge, the way of communicating changed as well as the strategies applied within companies, they were faced with the task of implementing much more technology to increase sales and for greater tool To him eployees.

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