How to Disable or Remove Automatic One Touch Payments for PayPal Payments

PayPal with One Touch automatic payments allows you to make payments easily and quickly, however, it is often necessary disable or remove One Touch automatic payments on PayPal payments.

In case you’re wondering what is PayPal? PayPal is a virtual wallet with which it is possible to send and receive money no matter where in the world the sender and the receiver are found.

The PayPal virtual wallet has been online since 1998 and is positioned as one of the favorites among users because it is constantly introducing updates and new services such as One Touch.

However, once this function is activated, payments may not be due since they work in automatic mode, if you wish. disable or remove automatic payments One Touch of PayPal payments we recommend you continue reading.

What are One Touch Automatic Payments in PayPal Payments?

Many users wonder What are One Touch Automatic Payments in PayPal? One Touch automatic payments in PayPal payments are a feature that the wallet has to make payments faster.

With One Touch it is possible to save the PayPal session in any web browser, thus when carrying out a transaction there’s no need enter the data again.

disable remove automatic payments one touch paypal

Therefore when activating One Touch service In the browser it will not be necessary to enter the email or password of the PayPal account.

Although One Touch is an excellent and comfortable function that saves time when making transactions, because it leads directly to the payment option of any web platform, it is possible to perform erroneous or inadvertent payments.

In case of having made incorrect or unintentional payments, you can easily contact PayPal’s technical service and solve the problem.

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Steps to activate One Touch automatic payments in PayPal payments

In case you want activate automatic payments For One Touch in PayPal payments the process is extremely simple, the first thing you must do to activate automatic One Touch payments is to log in to your PayPal account.

Once you have logged into your PayPal account, a message will appear on the screen that suggests “Keep session open to speed up the payment process”, at the bottom of the message there is a blue button that indicates “Activate One Touch”.

After you press “Activate One Touch” it will not be necessary to enter the email or password of the account on the device again.

PayPal suggests activating only the One Touch service on your mobile device or browser personal use, it is not recommended to enable this feature on public or office computers.

Steps to disable or remove PayPal One Touch automatic payments

Similar to enabling One Touch Automatic Payments in PayPal payments, disabling or removing One Touch Automatic Payments is usually a very quick and easy process.

automatic payments one touch paypal

For this it is necessary go to the PayPal platform and then log in to the account, if the One Touch option is active, this step will not be necessary.

Next, it is necessary to enter the account profile by pressing the gear button at the top of the screen and then clicking on the option “Security Center”.

In the security center you will find the section “One Touch: automatic login when paying” on which you must click. A page will be loaded showing the devices where the One Touch function is activated.

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To deactivate the service it will only be necessary to select a device and click on the “Deactivate” button next to the name.

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