How to Disable or Remove Background Music and Sounds from the PS4 System While Playing? (Example)

There is no doubt that Sony’s console is the best to come out on the market in a long time, as it has great features, such as allowing you to edit videos with ShareFactory. However, some of these functions are somewhat annoying, and that is why today you will see How to disable or remove background music and sounds from the ps4?

And it is that, although it sounds like something silly, sometimes some sounds of the play can subtract immersion from games created with the exact purpose of getting inside them, which ruins the experience and distorts the game to a great extent.

However, how could it be otherwise, the Sony company on its official website, published the solution to this problem, which can be solved from the same console without having to invent too much.

How to disable or remove background music and sounds from the ps4?

Now, to get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible to deactivate or remove background music and sounds from the PS4, the first thing you have to do is go to the “Settings” section within your console. This section is represented by a Toolbox and it is in the same menu.

Once inside this, you will notice that there are several options that you can choose from, scroll down until you get the one that is named “Sound and screen” and press it, immediately after this you will be sent to another section.

playstation controller buttons

In it there will be more options, deactivate the ones called: “Tone of key ”and“ System music ”With that, you will no longer have annoying sounds inside your PS4, since both the screen music and the control sound will be deactivated.

It should be noted that to return everything back, you just have to follow the same steps and re-enable both options. In turn, it must also be said that this process is carried out in the console and not in gameIn the event that there is annoying noise in the game, you will have to deactivate it from the internal menu of the game.

Other tricks of the Sony console

With the above, you already know how to deactivate or remove background music and sounds from the PS4, of course you can always learn more about your Play, such as changing the region and country of the PS4.

As a little extra you should read the following tricks of this console, which can also help you squeeze more juice out of your experience.

The first of these is like setting up your headphones to hear only voice chat (no other noises), or just the sounds of a game. To achieve one or the other, you have to press your central button on the remote, then on the quick menu press “Sound / devices”.

sony application for mobile

This action will take you to a section with volume options, press where it says “Headphone output”, there choose between the boxes “All audio” to listen to everything, or “Only chat”.

Sony App

Another trick you can use is to download the PlayStation mobile app. Very few know, but Sony implemented a Android and IOS mobile app, which allows you to do many things from your cell phone that affect the console.

How to write from the cell phone instead of the remote, make purchases and game installations remote form, check trophies and statistics of your accounts, among many other things.

The only thing you have to do to activate it is to download it for free from whatever your Store is, and link it to your Play by placing your PlayStation account, that way your experience will be much richer than before.

And voila, with that you learned to deactivate or remove background music and sounds of the ps4, plus you also leave with the knowledge of other useful tricks. The only thing you have to do is go to apply them and of course keep looking for information about your console such as knowing how to change the language of your console and games.

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