How to Disable or Remove Negative Google Maps Reviews – Quick and Easy

Want to deactivate or remove negative reviews from Google Maps It can be quite a challenge if not tried by the proper means. But it is very important to maintain a good margin of positive reviews for the company, business, or service that is offered.

The google reviews In general they are unique because the default search engine has this function integrated to show the outstanding reviews, both positive and negative. It is one reason why it is still a reliable search engine and that many people choose to use Google Maps.

However, using negative review, especially if it is an unwarranted complaint from a customer, can compromise the popularity of any business.

How to Remove Negative Google Maps Reviews – Quick and Easy

Before startingIt is important to note that Google does not have a function that directly allows a user to delete a Google review. It can only be done if it is deleted by the same person who posted your review or if the company appeals for flagging the comment as inappropriate.

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The reasons why a user posts a negative review are very diverse, but nowadays it is very easy to write a review. This application is widely used by everyoneEven many people seek to use Google Maps even in Facebook applications.

If you choose “Flag content as inappropriate”, You should know that this option is an alert that Google is notified indicating that the review is false. Failing that, it does not comply with Google policies, and can be marked as inappropriate in the following way:

  • Access Google Maps and proceed to locate your business.
  • Find the negative review on the reviews page.
  • Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the comment to be able to select “Flag as inappropriate”.

As expected, to complete the process you will need to fill out a short and precise report on the problem and provide Google with an email for follow-up. The truth is that the process can be very time consuming and this does not ensure that Google permanently removes the review.

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Google won’t remove a review easily just for the fact that it is negative, since its objective is to be impartial with the other users. This forces businesses to offer good service most of the time.

Manage negative Google Maps reviews efficiently

Some people use this application much of the time both for the ease of finding locations and for placing labels on addresses of places on Google Maps. So that maintain good management on negative reviews it is very important if they cannot be removed.

Respond to customer review

Just as a complaint could be resolved in person, an effective mechanism for handling a negative review is to respond directly to you. Apologize or clarify doubts It is an effective way to generate empathy and perhaps in this way it can be possible to get the customer to delete the comment of their own free will.

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Ask the customer to remove the review

Any merchant will want people to draw a route on Google Maps that leads directly to their business. So kindly ask that a user delete negative review it will allow other potential clients not to misinterpret it.

One way not to exert pressure or harassment is to ask for some means of contact with the client, writing to email is an excellent option.

Resolve the cause of the problem with the customer

It is very common for some customers to create negative reviews because his impression was not what was expected. If you managed to establish contact with your client, ask for details to know what you should solve in your business, and make sure to correct any mistakes.

This can potentially cause the customer to consider giving the business a second chance or at least specifying what needs to be improved.

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Review authenticity

The internet offers anonymity, allowing large numbers of people to create false reviews that sabotage the competition. It is best to look for signs in the review that do not give the authenticity of the review and “mark as inappropriate” as explained above.

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