How to Disable the Animations that Windows 10 brings by Default

In today’s article we will see how to deactivate the animations that Windows 10 brings by default with two very simple methods. You can choose the one you want, since both are easy to carry out, while one of them will allow you to choose what you want to deactivate and what not.

Windows 10 is a complex system full of quite interesting options and customization possibilities. We cannot deny that the animations that are included visually are great, although some people may find it a bit annoying.

The problem is that these animations consume operating system resources. In case you do not have a very powerful computer, then what you should do is directly deactivate them without hesitation.

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Doing it is actually something too simple that we are going to show you a little below, follow the steps to the letter and you can even deactivate only animations that annoy you and nothing else.

How to disable all animations in Windows 10

We cannot deny that Windows 10 by default brings a huge amount of animations, one of which is the animations of the start menu tiles.

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. They not only consume resources and worsen the performance of our computer.

If not, sometimes they can be annoying. Do you want to disable all animations in Windows 10? Luckily, the system has an option to do so and it is not difficult to achieve it at all.

  • The first thing we will do is press “Beginning“And then look for the cogwheel, it is an icon that will take us to the”Windows Settings”.
  • Once in this window we will have to click on the section “Accessibility”.
  • Here we have to stay in the category “Screen”Which is the one that is selected by default.
  • Next, we must go down to “Simplify and customize Windows”.
  • Deactivate “Show animations in Windows” and ready.

You will have all the visual effects and animations of the operating system disabled. Although there is a way to improve performance by deactivating all the visual effects of the operating system and let me tell you that it makes a difference after doing it.

How to disable Windows 10 animations

  • The other option will be to right click on “My team“Or”This team” and search “Properties”.
  • In this new system window we will have to go to the left sidebar and click on “Advanced system settings”.
  • Then a new window opens and in “Advanced Options“You will have to click on the button”Setting”.
  • A new window of “Performance options”.
  • Here we can select whether to let the computer choose the most appropriate setting, adjust it to improve appearance or to improve performance without cleaning the hard drive.
  • But what is really interesting is that we can deactivate the options that we think are necessary, without having to deactivate everything.
  • In my personal case, I recommend that you deactivate everything and leave only the options “Show thumbnails instead of icons” and “Smooth edges for screen fonts”.
  • After this you must click on “Apply“And then in”To accept”And you will be able to notice the changes immediately without having to restart the computer. The performance improvement may vary depending on the power of the equipment in question.

In this way you will notice a quite large improvement in terms of performance on the computer and without having to install third-party applications or search anywhere in Windows. It is a quick and easy process that comes in handy to slightly improve the performance of the computer. Especially on laptops.

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Remember that if you have any kind of doubt about how to disable animations in Windows 10 You can leave it in the comments which you will find a little below and we will be totally happy to help you solve any kind of problem you have.

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