How to Disable Windows Defender Firewall or Firewall in Windows 10? (Example)

Starting in 2004, Microsoft decided to add a firewall program to its computers, to improve it over time. Windows Defender is the result of this approach, an antivirus and indispensable firewall for new versions of the OS.

Being the determined protector of network connections, it fulfills the purpose of manage data transmission which is exchanged through the computer. Likewise, it provides a series of certain parameters that have been established by the operating system, but that can be modified and added manually by the user who uses it.

Making all this clear, every time a piece of data does not comply with the rules, it will be blocked from the computer and thus allowed continue to protect your computer from malicious invaders.

However, there are circumstances that warrant deactivating the service provided by this new software, so we will teach you how to do it if you need it.

Use these methods to disable Windows Defender from your computer!

Although it sounds a bit strange to disable a default protection means of the operating system, in certain situations it is necessary.

disable Windows Defender from your computer

For this reason, the option is enabled within the Windows 10 control settings. This is the simplest and most recommended method to do so.

Disable Windows Defender from Windows Security settings

If you want to stop the shield that protects the traffic on the network, you only need to enter the Windows Defender Security Center.

  • To begin, you must access the “Start” menu and type the word “Firewall” in the search bar. In the content a series of options will be shown, among which you will select the one that bears the name of “Firewall and network protection”.
  • A configuration window will open on the screen, which will show the three types of network connections used by Windows Defender functions.
  • Next to each one you will see a small sign that bears the word “Active”, and it is at this point where you must select the network to which you are currently connected to deactivate it.
  • Once you have clicked on it, the setting of “Windows Defender Firewall”, which includes the switch that you must slide to deactivate the protection.
  • Before finalizing, a pop-up window will appear asking you if you are sure of the decision made. After confirming, the defense change will be made.

Disable Windows Defender using CMD

Despite being a method that only merits commands, it is recommended to disable the firewall by default, because if you are not very familiar with the execution of the command prompt, you could create unknown and irreversible modifications.

It begins by executing the command box as administrator, so that each configuration is applied and enabled by the operating system.

We recommend you run two types of commands, as they are the least specific and will help you directly achieve the objective of deactivating this protection in Windows 10:

  • Enter “netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off”If you want to disable all types of networks that Windows Defender protects.
  • netsh advfirewall set currentprofile state off”In case you want to modify only the profile that is active regarding connection.
  • Finally, to reverse these steps, you must enter the same command, but changing the word “off” by “on.

For what reason should you disable Windows 10 features?

Because it is a requirement to complement the protection of the equipment, disabling the protection provided by this firewall is not recommended. However, there are certain situations where it is necessary to stop the service temporarily or permanently.

disable Windows 10 features

One of these cases is presenting a connection problem with your computer’s browser, as Windows Defender may be capturing all addresses as threats. On the other hand, you can also limit access to a specific page, or block a program that you want to use that requires an Internet connection.

Whatever the reason for disabling this amazing Windows 10 protector, remember that reversing this decision is just as easy through the steps shown above, as keeping your computer safe is a priority for you.

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