How to do a speed test from your smartphone?

Today you will surely use your phone much more to navigate than your PC, in fact, there are people who hire Internet connection and he uses it only to watch Netflix and connect it to his phone. The PC has been relegated to the background and our telephone is the main form of connection. To see if your ISP (the company that provides your Internet service) is doing things well, you will surely do a speed test from time to time.

Telephone companies have their own speed test but these are «tricked» with what we always see a favorable result. It is best to use a external speed test tool completely to the company and in this way we will have a much more real speed result and similar to what our connection experiences when we connect to all kinds of websites.

Measure Internet connection

How to do a speed test on your mobile?

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There are many applications to do a speed test from your mobile and the truth is that they are not a bad idea but you will surely have the phone mobile full of apps And the best thing is to do it directly from a website that allows you to perform the speed test without downloading anything, from your PC or from your mobile without any problem.

Looking a little we have found this mobile speed test that allows us to measure the quality of any internet connection, either from the mobile data itself or connected to the WiFi. In addition, this test gives us very complete results indicating latency (server response time), download speed, upload speed, IP and even who is our Internet connection provider.


If you do speed tests regularly, the tool also has a free app on Google Play with the same name. You can download it and in this way you can do a speed test without any problem at any time. If you want, you can share the results with us and tell us how you are doing with your operator, if the promised connection is really reaching you or if, on the contrary, you are one of those people to whom you do not get all the speed stipulated in the contract.


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