How to Do a Web Page Loading Speed ​​Test – Very Easy (Example)

Loading speed tests are key factors, totally useful for evaluate how quickly information is sent to networks that constitute the Internet platforms.

This aspect is directly related to the quality of navigation that is provided by the company that provides the service to your home or business. The data receiver and the equipment used for transmission.

When a person decides to perform a loading speed test. Usually it is because you need to know what condition your Internet is in.

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However, this aspect is also used on websites, either for estimate the loading time of your content or have file upload functions of any type of format.

A clear example of this are the platforms of YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, among others. So if you are considering doing such a test on your site, here you will find a series of tools that will help you achieve it.

Why is it recommended to do a loading speed test on web pages?

Many of the users or companies that deal with managing Internet pages generally consider that they work through a fully functional server. Everything is in total stability.

This does not lose validity, but despite the fact that the site works correctly, there is always room for improvement that can be applied to increase its quality.

This is called “Web Performance Optimization”Or is recognized by the acronym WPO. And they are the ones in charge of improving the loading and browsing speed within the sites.

It is recommended to do a test of loading speed to the web pages

These tools, in addition to improving the experience within the page, offer another series of benefits such as the rise in search positioning and other factors.

But before applying any of these to your page, it is recommended to perform a loading speed test before and after insertion. Well, only then can you evaluate if this is necessary and if it really generates a positive result.

Therefore, if you want to discover which are the most effective platforms to evaluate your page and receive a series of recommendations from the personal aspect, use the following sites.

Loading speed test sponsored by Google

We had previously mentioned that the faster a site loads its content or its files, better positioning would have within searches.

Google loading speed test

It turns out that the most popular search engine in the world has taken care to present a couple of sites that offer speed tests. In order to evaluate if your domain works correctly.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

This first option developed by Google programmers is responsible for evaluating the performance of the domain that has been inserted into the URL address bar.

To use it, it is only necessary to enter the page to which the loading speed test will be applied and then click on «Analyze”. When you return the results, it will also be accompanied by a series of tips to improve the service of the site. And it will probably rise in rank within searches.

Evaluations are made based on browser and mobile device speeds. Which is positive to acquire this series of aspects and opinions.

Test My Site

Unlike the previous one, Test My Site is a page that performs its evaluation based on the navigations that are executed from a mobile device, setting the 3G speed as a parameter.

This is because multiple studies have shown that year after year the use of telephony has increased exponentially. And that at some point the web browsing will be done entirely from there.

The working method is the same, only the aspects of the load speed test. Whose result also throws a series of recommendations to the user author of the site.

Using these tools provide very positive aspects for those who manage web pages, as it finally allows them to discover in which aspects they have flaws. In order to improve them and offer a better experience to each of your visitors.

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