How to Download a Report with All My Tinder Data Easy and Fast! (Example)

When creating a profile on Tinder, we must enter some personal data, as with any other similar application. If for any reason you want to review the data that you entered when creating your profile, we tell you that the process to download a report with all your data from Tinder it is very quick and easy to do.

How can I download a report with all my data from Tinder?

First, you need to access the Tinder data address. You will not be able to make the request from the app on your mobile, but from a section that Tinder has specifically for it on its website. Once there, you must log in with your mobile, your Facebook or Google account, depending on the way you have created your profile.

Once you enter your account, a large button will appear that says ‘Download my information’. Next, Tinder will ask you to enter an email address to get the data that way. And ready! Now we just have to wait to receive a report with all your Tinder data.

Keep in mind that the email with the report of your data it will take at least a couple of days to arrive. If you do not receive it, you should consider the possibility that it has reached your spam folder, so we recommend that you review it before taking any other action.

download report with tinder data

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Once you receive the email, it will contain a link that, when you click on it, will take you to a ZIP file that you can download by entering your account information again. This file contains all of your Tinder data. Please note that this link is temporary and will only be active for 24 hours.

What data will I receive from Tinder?

When you download the ZIP file, you will see that contains three files inside: one in JSON format, which is a type of text file, which contains all the requested information; another with HTML format, which allows you to access that information offline; and also a folder, which contains your current profile photos.

The JSON and HTML files are probably the ones that interest you the most, as they are the ones that contain your Tinder data. This data is divided into several sections or items that appear as a list in the file. Next we will tell you a little about the information that you can review in them.

  • User Data. In this bullet you can find the data with which you set up your Tinder profile: email, date of birth, gender, job and filters. Your location data also appears if you gave it access to the app for it. Finally, you will find the platform (Android or iOS) and the phone number with which you registered for the first time. If you’ve ever changed your number, your current number will appear.
  • Media files. Here you will find your current profile photos, but not the ones you had previously used in the app. You can also download them directly from here if you wish.

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  • Message history. This section will show you all the messages that you have sent, but not the responses of your ‘matches’. Tinder gives you all your information, but not other people’s information, not even their names. You can sort the messages by date if you wish.
  • Usage data. Here you will find all the information about the use of the application: how many times you have opened it in the day, the likes and dislikes you have given, as well as the number of matches you have made, messages sent and received.

What other data does Tinder send you?

  • In-app purchases. If you have a paid Tinder plan, in this bullet you will find information about the status of your plan and when it expires.
  • Spotify. Unless you have your Spotify account connected to Tinder, you will only find information about the songs you have linked here.
  • Campaigns and experiences. In these last sections you will get information about events that Tinder carries out in the world, but if you have not attended any, they will appear blank.

We hope that with this article you have achieved download a report with all your data from Tinder simply and very quickly. And if you haven’t already, at least you already know what information to expect.

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