How to Download, Activate and Use the New Tap-Tap Feature on Android 11 or iPhone

With the passage of time, mobile devices evolve and operating systems change, to the point that every year we have new and improved tools that make the use of our respective terminals much easier. Thanks to these updates we learned about new options that fully adapt to our day to day.

IOS and Android operating systems year after year present new versions for all your mobile devices, each of these contains totally new and innovative features and qualities to attract the attention of users. As in turn, manage to battle with different brands in the terminal market.

Within these new and sophisticated operating systems are totally useful options and tools that can help us greatly in our work, at school, at home, among others. These implements simplify our actions and activities, thus reducing the time we spend checking our respective mobile.

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Within these options there is a completely new one, which is added to the new Android 11 and iOS operating systems. Next we will tell you what the new tap, tap tool is and what benefits it brings us. Stay with us and find out all the details related to this.

What is the new Tap-Tap function and what does it offer us?

This is one of the functions that has been worked with lately. The execution of activities and actions by gestures has proven to have a great boom and popularity on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Therefore, the developers of both operating systems came up with a rather interesting and innovative idea.

Currently, most mobile devices have a glass back coverAt least most high-end devices meet this condition. So, the idea of ​​those in charge of applying the gesture functions in the terminals of both operating systems is to apply these actions to the back of our devices.

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This feature has already been present in a good number of mobile phones and frankly, this implementation has achieved a good recognition and popularity both by users and by the creators themselves. So the objective is the following, to add this function in the next Android and iOS devices.

But wait, that’s not all. You still do not know all the actions that we can apply with this gesture guide. Thanks to the Tap-Tap function We can take screenshots, open predetermined or selected applications, turn off or turn on the flashlight of our mobile, slide or delete notifications and many more fully customizable options.

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Its use is more than simple, to be able to execute all these options you will only have to give 2 touches on the back of your respective mobile device, in this way you will be able to activate these functionalities. Although it is important to highlight that to know what actions can be performed from this gesture tool it is necessary to choose the ones we need.

Download, activate and use the Tap-Tap function on Android 11 or iPhone

As we said before, very few Android and iOS mobile devices have this functionality, and to some extent it is is still in testing in order to achieve 100% improvement. Therefore, a good number of terminals do not have this option, but there are some ways to do so.

First we will have to verify that we have Android 11 or the latest version of iOS. Once this is done, we will only have to look for the Tap-Tap app from the Play Store or the App Store, but it is very possible that these applications are not reliable at all. Therefore, it is advisable to search for it and download it from an alternative or third-party store.

Google’s XDA-Developers team showed a version not fully polished of this tool, but it is very likely that we can only get it from an internet app store or market, as we mentioned before.

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In order to activate this app we will have to access accessibility and activate Tap-Tap gestures option, from there we will modify it to our liking and that’s it.

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