How to Download All Data from Spotify to SD Storage

Downloading the Spotify data It is a matter that many of us want to learn, the songs that we like the most and the entire library that we have built, we would like it to be within the storage of our device, and to be able to enjoy ourselves even without logging into Spotify.

If you want to download all the data that Spotify saves, where the songs and podcasts you have chosen come in, within the storage of your device, here we will explain step by step what you should do. Keep reading and you will know how to put the songs on your mobile.

How can we download the data that Spotify saves to an SD storage?

When we talk about Spotify, we talk about music, podcasts and the delight that all this produces. Spotify is a music platform currently widely used by millions of users around the world, in this application it is possible find all the music and artists that you like.

It is a platform where you get good quality music, as well as in a lot of quantity. Music lovers are increasingly satisfied with this platform, with it they can listen to the songs they want, when they want and as many times as they want.

Despite this possibility granted by Spotify, the world’s best-known music platform also allows us download the music we want. Of course, all this is possible by fulfilling some requirements such as having a premuim account, which brings various offers to the user.

data saves that spotify to sd storage

And to download the data from Spotify we only follow a simple process, whose steps to follow will depend on which device it is; For this we can start by explaining the process from the computer.

The first thing is to click on the ‘drill down symbol’ of the application, above (right); select preferences; show advanced configuration; and click on song storage to listen offline; change location and select the place where you want them to be saved Spotify data.

How to download all the data that Spotify saves in an SD storage on an Android?

Now, having explained the process to save Spotify data in the storage of a computer, we can present the steps to save these in the storage of a mobile device, and let’s start with the Android operating system.

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One thing that we must clarify is that in any circumstance, we have to delete the cache of the Spotify app, and then proceed with the respective transfer or download data from Spotify for device SD storage.

In this sense, we are going to apply the process for mobile devices with Android operating system. The first thing will be to go home; then look for the «gear» symbol (configuration) and press there; We look for the storage and select to delete Caché.

Now we have to download Spotify data to SD storage, and we will do it only when we have a Accessible SD card with available spaceOtherwise, the Spotify data download option will not be reflected.

We start with the steps: go to start; enter configuration; click on Other and then go to Storage; here you must select the place or folder where you want the music downloaded; then just click on OK, and the transfer will be done automatically.

How to download all the data that Spotify saves on an iPhone storage?

To download the Spotify data on the storage of a mobile or iOS device, the process is similar to the previous one, and even simpler.

download data to a spotify sd storage

We will start by applying the same steps to Clear App Cache, in the same way as explained in the previous section.

Later, we will download the data stored by Spotify just by waiting, or just do nothing. And is that the iOS operating system is more efficient than Android for this matter of downloading data from Spotify.

Automatically, the iPhone saves data in its storage of this application, having all the songs that you like and have ever downloaded.

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That is, the process of downloading music, a song, a podcast or a complete playlist, is basically all we have to do if we want to have it downloaded within the iOS storage, and we just have to have available space.

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