How to Download Amazon Photos for PC or Mobile Free? – Save your Photos Forever (Example)

Amazon Photos is one of the best initiatives that the company with the same name has developed, like Amazon Music Unlimited, since it leaves you save most of the memories you have available in photographic format. That is why today you will see How to download Amazon Photos?

And, if you have not downloaded or paid for this platform, then you should continue reading this guide, because this application is much better than it. Google PhotosThe only thing is that it is not so well known, however that does not take away the good, because each of its functions are so great that they are worth it.

How to download Amazon Photos?

Now, to get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible how to download Amazon Photos for free, you should know that there are several ways and devices where you can get this application, so for the purposes of this tutorial you have to divide the explanations into several parts.

If that has been clear to you, then it is time to show you how to get this great app on your PC, that is, in desktop mode, which is considered one of the best for its very comfortable interface.

To do this you just have to go to the official Amazon page, and from there look in the product search bar for the name of Amazon Photos, then and when pressing enter you should get the application icon, press it to access its section , and there he presses the button “Get” or “Add to cart”.

box with amazon prime label

Once you do, the application will automatically download and you can use it. It should be noted that this service only offers 5 GB free to all its registered users, but you can always expand memory plans to make it better.

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The two plans that exist are: 100 GB for only 20 euros per year, or 1 TB for 100 euros. To pay them you have to simply get into the application and choose the plans (You can pay them from there).

The good thing about this change is that in addition to obtaining more extra storage memory, the interface will also change, and the view of the photos will be in a gallery or in folders depending on the plan you choose.

How to download Amazon Photos for free on mobile?

With the above, you already know how to download Amazon Photos on the PC, so now to finish with this topic, you have to see how to download the mobile app, for here if you can go to research more things or applications, such as: what is and how does Amazon Music work?

The first thing you have to do is go to the PlayStore or AppStore Depending on your device, when you are inside it, look for Amazon Photos in the search engine, and once you see the app, enter that section, finally click on “Download”.

With that, you can automatically use this application, and open it on any compatible device such as a tablet, a mobile and even a SmartTV (the process is the same in all of them).

tablet in hands with amazon

And voila, now you know how to download Amazon Photos on any device, however before you go, remember not to be left alone with this information. This because Amazon keeps expanding, and there are more and more functions that it brings to the fore, so why not be left behind it is recommended that you investigate what is and how does Amazon Prime Video Channels work?

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To finish, also keep in mind that the free version of this program is very good, but it is not the only existing platform, so look for another program so that you have a reference so you can form an opinion, and choose the application that suits your needs.

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