How to Download an Old, Old or Previous Version of WhatsApp APK for Cell Phones

Currently, due to technological advances, different applications have been created whose purpose is to power facilitate communication between people, either through messages or video calls, such is the case of the WhatsApp messaging application.

WhatsApp Messenger is the most widely used instant messaging application today, since its inception in BlackBerry devices to date with Android devices.

WhatsApp has never ceased to amaze us with its exponential growth, counting on the daily registration of thousands and thousands of users around the world, and creating new updates trying to adapt more and more to the needs of people, offering new functions that facilitate carrying out specific actions or improvements regarding the security and privacy of users. Among other options.

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What configurations can we do in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become the first choice when it comes to downloading a messaging app for millions of people, due to its great efficiency when it comes to wanting to chat with someone, although not everyone knows how to configure WhatsApp to take advantage of all the services offered by its system that adapt to our needs, either in terms of aesthetics or Of privacy.

One of the most customizable options is the notifications, we can choose the notification tone of our preference and the color of the led light if we have one on our phone.

And not only that, but it offers us the option of having a certain tone or light for a specific chat In order to differentiate the messages of that person with that of others, to enable this option we will simply have to go to the settings section, then to notifications, where they will show us all the modifications that we can make.

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Regarding privacy, there is a function within WhatsApp chats and they are the famous chulitos or check mark, which inform the person if the message could be sent, received and even if it was read by the other person.

In some cases it is usually annoying for some users since they do not want the other person to know if the message was read or not, if so, keep in mind that this function can be modified, simply by entering settings in the privacy section, and after that by deactivating the option read confirmation.

Although not all the functions that WhatsApp has brought throughout its updates have been to the liking of many users, who prefer to use an older version of the application due to its appearance, the discarding of a previous function, or any other reason, in this article we will show you how to download an old version of WhatsApp.

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Download an old, old or older version of WhatsApp

In order to install an old version of WhatsApp we will have to download the application through a APK format, and then install it, it is important to take the necessary precautions when wanting to download a file in APK format from the internet, since there are many people whose intentions are not the best offering files that when downloading it we realize that is infected and has a virus, or it is not the file we needed.

To prevent these situations from occurring, it is recommended that you visit a page with reliable APK files as in the case of APKMirror to download an old version of WhatsApp and you can use it without any inconvenience. To download the previous version of WhatsApp follow these steps:

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  • You must install the WhatsApp application through the APKMirror page or any other reliable page
  • Once downloaded you will have to enable the function of Unknown sources in the settings section of your phone
  • After that install the application of the old version of WhatsApp
  • And ready! You can use the previous version of WhatsApp without any problem (remember that if you want to keep this version, you should not update the application)

There are other WhatsApp APKs that customize the aesthetics of the application, for example, there is a very striking one that makes its interface look like glass.

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