How to Download and Add World Clock with Time Zones in Windows 10

In today’s world we live in and with the possibility of interconnect online with anywhere in the world. It is almost essential to have a tool that can offer us the world time. So we can know, at least, if it is possible to contact another person at that time. For this reason we want to teach you in this article how to download and add world clock with time zones in Windows 10.

It is well known to users of any version of Windows, that the time and date of the year can be seen on the right side of the taskbar and this can be customized. If we click on this area, we will see the calendar, the time and an option to be able to change the configuration of both the date and the time and we can also see the agenda of the events that we have created.

But surely you did not know, that the version of Windows 10 allows you to add three clocks with hours from other places in the world. So we can perfectly know what time it is, at the moment in my country and also for example in China and Spain. Although you should already know the simple way to correctly change the time zone of your PC in Windows 10.

How to download and add world clock with time zones in Windows 10

Before showing you the steps to follow, it is important to have other time zones on our PC or change the time zone, this will help us a lot, as we already mentioned if we have a relative in another country. But it may also be that you are a business person and you have to contact a client in another country and it will not be convenient to bother him during non-office hours.

add world clock

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But for any of these cases, Windows 10 has decided to integrate this new function and you can have three different clocks and configure the hours of the country of your choice. In order to activate this function we are going to do the following. First of all we are going to go to the Windows 10 configuration window and we will have two ways to do it.

The first way is through the start menu and the other is with the Win + I key combination, once we have entered the configuration, we are going to choose the Time and language option. And then we are going to select the option Date and Time. Now being in this window we will look for the option Related configuration options.

How to add world clock with time zones in Windows 10

Here we are going to click on Add clocks, we will go to another window with the name Date and Time and we will have three tabs, and we are going to click on Additional Clocks. It is in this section, where we will be able to add two more clocks, to the one that already exists with our time zone. And for the new watches to be displayed, we must click on the Show this watch box.

By doing this, we will be shown a list from which we will choose the new one time zone and we can write the name that will be displayed next to the clock. Following these same steps, we are going to activate the third clock and thus be able to have three clocks with different times. And the last step will be to click on the Apply button, so that all the new data that we have included is saved.

add time zone windows

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After this, we click OK and close all the windows, now to check you go to the clock, click there and it will be displayed. Now it will show the new clocks that have been added with the name of the country and the date and time of that moment. In this simple way we have been able download and add world clock with time zones in Windows 10.

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