How to Download and Edit Freepik logos and Icons Quick and Easy (Example)

If you need to get new logos and icons to make spectacular designs on your computer, then we recommend you download and edit Freepik logos, in this portal you will have a wide variety of options in terms of logos and icons that you can download and edit completely free of charge. Later we will explain in more detail everything you need to know about it.

How to download logos and icons from Freepik

Next in this new section we will briefly explain the whole process to be able to download logos and icons from Freepik.

  • To start, the first thing you should do is access the Freepik main page from your preferred web browser.
  • Next you have to go to the Freepik search bar and enter keywords that are related to the type of logos and icons you want to download.
  • Also, in this search bar you can select the file format you are looking for. To do this, click on the drop-down menu that is on the left side of this search engine.
  • Then you must select the content you want to download and click on the green button located on the right side of the screen that says «Download«
  • Then you will see that 2 options appear, to download images in 2 modes, premium and one free. In the case that you select the free download option, then you will have to attribute it to the author of the content. To do this you must copy a URL address that you will see in the image and then paste it on the web page where you will use the downloaded icon or logo.

coffee with a logo inside

  • In the case that you have a premium account, then you just have to select the option «Premium download«so you can enjoy exclusive benefits.

Tips for editing logos and icons downloaded from Freepik

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In general, many users prefer to use specific programs to edit the icons and logos downloaded from Freepik. However, later on we will give you some useful tips that you should take into account when handling the content downloaded from Freepik. In this post we recommend that you use Adobe Illustrator to handle images and vectors, since it is the simplest of all.

Identify the layers

It is possible that in many of the logos and icons downloaded in the Freepik web portal get layers created. If for some reason you can’t find them, it’s probably because the design has been made in a single layer.

However, you can display the parts that make up the design by selecting the layers panel. Adobe Illustrator has tools to manipulate layers. In addition to this way you can unlock other elements that make up the design.

Grouped objects

In the event that you do not have the option to select an object as such in the icon or logo, it may be because the object is grouped. To solve this you must select all icon and click with the right mouse button to bring up the option «Ungroup«By using this option you will be able to manipulate each of the objects that make up the logo.

man using laptop

Clipping mask

Now, if when selecting the option «Ungroup«It does not work, it is possible that the image or logo has a clipping mask. To solve this problem you just have to press the right button on the logo and select the option»Drop clipping mask«Then it will be possible to ungroup the objects as we normally do, that is, by pressing the» Ungroup «option.


In general, the fonts that are part of the preview file are not the same ones that we found when opening the file that we downloaded from the Freepik page.

However, these fonts can be modified thanks to a zip folder called «Fonts» that contains a TXT file in which we will see the fonts used in the logo preview and where we can download them at no additional cost, you know how you can download and edit Freepik logos and icons, take advantage of this website in your work of design.

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