How to Download and Install ActiveX on Mac OS X Step by Step (Example)

The controls ActiveX make browsing the web much more interesting. Microsoft developed this driver with the intention that the user can get hold of different commands and buttons when navigating. Although Microsoft is the developer of ActiveX, we explain how to download and install ActiveX on your Mac OS X. Find out how you can do it.

Things to consider when downloading ActiveX

If some malicious software infects your computer, it is likely that through these drivers control of the computer could fall into the hands of a hacker. This could alter the parameters and functions of your operating system.

You need to make sure download and install the latest version, so you can take advantage of the improvements that the developers have made.

It should be added that if you do not have the most recent version of ActiveX, browsing the most modern web pages will be difficult for you. However, if this is your case, you can activate the controls manually from your browser.

Enable this controller it will improve your browsing experience as a user. It gives you access to the multiple functions offered by the servers you navigate to. Among those, games, surveys, databases, and so on.

Some web pages will notify you when they require ActiveX, a window will be displayed from where you can download and carry out the installation, this may vary according to the operating system and the browser you are using.

If the version you are using is out of date, we suggest that you activate it only temporarily for the page that requests it, because being an old version you put the security of your computer at risk. Now we will teach you how to download and install ActiveX on your Mac OS X.

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How to download and install ActiveX

To begin with, it is important to remember that since ActiveX was created exclusively for Internet ExplorerIf you want to download it to your Mac, you will have to do it from this browser; To do this, you will need to emulate the browser from Safari, entering the Safari option, which you find in the tool menu bar, then preferences.

Within preferences, enter the tab Advanced and check the option Show the Development menu in the menu bar, then close that window, now you will see in the menu bar the tab Development, upon entering there it will unfold within User Agent the different types of browser you can emulate, Choose Internet Explorer.

Now, you can install ActiveX from this browser, keep in mind that although the security risks are minor, by installing ActiveX you run the risk of contracting some malware on your computer; also, you should know that from version 9 of the Internet you can enable or disable ActiveX filters from the menu window Tools. How can you do it?

  1. Open the Internet Explorer browser
  2. enter the menu Tools
  3. then go to Internet Options
  4. click on Security and then in Custom Level
  5. navigate within the displayed window until you get ActiveX controls and plug-ins, check the boxes of the controls you want to run and enable
  6. click on To accept
  7. close and relaunch the browser

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It should be added that although the browsing experience becomes more dynamic with the drivers, the risks cannot be ignored.


So it is necessary to exercise caution when deciding which plugins to activate, so that they do not cause permanent damage to your computer. So always try to have the most current version of this driver, so the security gap is smaller

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In conclusion, as it is not a driver developed by Apple, you must download and install it from Internet Explorer, you can emulate it from your Safari browser, follow the path that we indicate and you will be able to enable downloading and ActiveX add-ons, to make your experience on the web something unique. We hope this article has been useful to you.

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