How to Download and Install Adobe Reader Free for Windows 7,8 and 10 (Example)

To avoid the variability of text documents, PDF was established as a standard format that requires downloading and installing Adobe Reader, this being the most popular PDF file reader. In the case of Windows, both aspects are related to the version number that is being used.

The maximum benefit of the PDF format is that it is responsible for unifying all the types of documents that exist and preventing them from being modified while reading. Likewise, regardless of the version of Adobe Reader that is used, the text will retain the structure of its content.

Although it is also a program enabled for mobile devices, installing it on your Windows computer provides greater visual comfort for the user who uses it. Therefore, it is important to purchase and keep it updated to the latest version to enjoy all its functions.

What should you do to download and install Adobe Reader on your Windows operating system?

The possibility of download and install the most recent version of this amazing program, once configured to the Spanish language. To achieve this, you only need to follow the following steps:

You will mainly have to access the official website of Adobe Reader, which will allow you to download the most updated version that meets the specifications of your computer.

download and install Adobe Reader on your Windows operating system

What you can see inside the download page and software updates is a series of three previous selections to proceed with its installation:

  • Start by selecting the operating system you are using, which in this case is the version of Windows that your machine operates with.
  • You can choose the language with which you want the program to operate in the second box. This will totally depend on your preference, but it is generally recommended to do the installation in Spanish language.
  • Finally, you will have to decide the version you want to download in the last selection box.

Preferably, the number of software that appears at the top of the list should be chosen, as it is generally the most recent of all versions.

Remember that it is very important to indicate that you want to enjoy all the “Optional Offers” that the Adobe platform wants to offer you, in order to keep up to date with all updates after downloading and installing Adobe Reader.

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Once you have done all this, you will be able to access the yellow button that indicates the phrase “Download now”, so that the browser will extract the file.

When the installation file is finished loading, you just have to open it by double clicking on it and perform the default procedure to complete the acquisition to your computer.

Final stretch: Update the software

If you already have the program installed on your Windows computer, what you need is update it to the latest version to enjoy all its functions.

To do this, there are three ways to do it: Handbook, automatic and from the web. The last one is the most recommended, since you have total control of the content that is downloaded to your PC. Therefore, after downloading and installing Adobe Reader, you can update the content by accessing the program’s website again.

Update the software

This process begins by closing any Adobe application that you have open on your computer, so that the page can analyze it and detect if updates are available for the programs you have installed.

Here you can also choose the installation of the optional security offers available within the platform of this system, which we do not recommend that you do.

If there is the case that the page detects a new version available for your Adobe Reader, a yellow button will appear on the right of your screen. You will click on this button that indicates the phrase “Install now” and thus you will begin to download the installer.

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Once it is finished, you can look for this file in your downloads folder to open it and start executing it. Because the process is automatic, you just need to wait for it to finish to start enjoying this great PDF document reader.

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