How to Download and Install Age of Empires 3 Full Edition in Spanish? (Example)

The Age of Empires saga is one of the most awarded worldwide. This makes it one of the best games ever, and that’s why everyone wants to have it no matter how many years have passed since its release. With that in mind today you will learn how to download and install Age of Empires 3 complete edition in Spanish.

And there is no better way relive old memories Than dusting off childhood titles. Either for fun or because a friend invited you to play, it is always good to have these types of games stored in a folder on the computer, because you never know when you will want to play games.

How to download and install Age of Empires 3 full edition in Spanish?

To start with the tutorial that will help you download and install Age of Empires 3 complete edition in Spanish, you should know that the best way to obtain the title is buying it in a digital store.

Because although you will find many versions of this game hacked, they usually happen mistakes in them or they are simply not the complete edition. If you don’t want to have any problems, you will have to fork out some tickets.

The price of the complete edition is around 40-45 euros. This is so because this edition brings all the Age of Empires 3 summarized in one.

city ​​of age of empires

When you talk about bringing them all in one, you are not talking about the previous games, but about the DLC that they released later, which by themselves could be a complete game (that’s why this edition is the best you can get). In addition, this version comes with dialogues and voices in Spanish already included without the need to download anything.

The businesses or digital sites that have it at the moment are many, but the most reliable are Amazon or Steam (Steam is better because you can even speed up and increase the download speed.) If you are a client of the latter you should download it from there, since it is usually on sale of up to 75%. Not only in this game, but also in all the others in the series.

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To download it you just have to “Add it to cart” and then pay for it with a payment method such as PayPal (which is the best, so if you don’t know what PayPal is? look it up now) or debit and credit cards, like any other product.

Installing the Age of Empires

Now that you have understood the above, it is time to finish answering the initial question of How download and install Age of Empires 3 full edition in Spanish? for that you must learn to install the game.

This process is very easy, you just have to open the folder that contains the base game and run the file “Autorun“, With that the installation wizard will open, in which you must click on the”Install”.

This action will open another window of the same wizard, where you must follow the steps that indicate you until you reach the part where you must place the serial, when you are there enter the numbers of said code and press enter to verify that the game is legal.

age of empires dlc de mayas

Immediately afterwards, the game will be installed and everything will be finished, so you will already have a direct access with which you can play without problems. The good thing about this edition is that you don’t have to download anything extra because it already brings everything.

With that last, you already know what it takes to be able download and install Age of Empires 3 complete edition in Spanish, so it is time for you to follow the instructions named, so that you can begin your adventure through history.

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Remember (in the case of Steam users), that if you arrive after losing the game for some reason, you can always restore Steam games with a backup, so you will not have to pay again for Age 3 .

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