How to Download and Install Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Free for Android

There is a large number of games that you can download for your smartphone for free through the Android Google Play Store, where you can find all kinds of games so you can enjoy your free time on your phone, whether they are online, offline, puzzle, arcade, shooter, adventure, role-playing games, among others.

In this article we are going to teach you how to download and install Animal Voyage, a very curious game that is available for Android devices, if you are already used to games like clash of clans, or even farm city, surely Animal Voyage may be of interest to you.

What is the game Animal Voyage: Island Adventure about?

Within the world of Animal Voyage you will have to explore a large number of mysterious islands where you can find some defenseless animals that will need your help to take care of them and feed them.

There is also the possibility that you will find certain exotic creatures on islands that are flooded, where you will have to take them home to build them a home and be able to take care of them.

panda animal voyage island adventure

In Animal Voyage, players will control a very friendly red panda with whom they can explore the islands in the game and take care of defenseless animals creating a suitable habitat for them.

Wherever they can live happily and comfortably, within this game you can save the fascinating animals that you find out there, play the odd puzzle game, decorate your world and the homes of your animals creating a great sanctuary for them.

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We can rescue and live with animals of all kinds between animal fauna that we can find in Animal Voyage are: elephants, gorillas, zebras, wolves, bears, penguins, tigers, leopards, among others.

Another thing we can do the moment we have a new animal is to be able to play with it, through the Animal Voyage minigames which are somewhat similar to the puzzles that games like Bejeweled, Bubble Blaze or the iconic Candy crush, in which we will have to join three elements that are of the same color, or of the same type so that they explode or disappear.

And also after each level we can get a series of objects that will later serve us for the creation or improvement of animal habitats, or even to create ornaments and put them anywhere in our animal colony.

Download and install Animal Voyage: Island Adventure free for Android

In order to download and install the Animal Voyage: Island Adventure game you must have downloaded the Android store from the Google Play Store.

animal voyage game

You must also have your latest updated versionAfter meeting these two requirements, you can follow this series of steps to download and install Animal Voyage on your Android device in an easy and fast way:

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  1. Access your phone’s default store or the official Android store Google Play Store and find the Animal Voyage game
  2. Click on the download option and wait for it to install (In order to download the game it is necessary that your phone has a version of Android 2.3.3 or higherr)
  3. After having it installed, open it and enjoy the game

How to download and install the APK of Animal Voyage: Island Adventure For Android

In case of not find the app in the store games from Google Play Store, you can download it as an APK file for your phone through an APK page; then we will give you the steps to follow to download and install the Animal Voyage APK: Island Adventure

  1. Go to the uptodown page to download the Animal Voyage APK
  2. Click on the button that says “Last version”, to start the download (if the download does not start, update the page and try again)
  3. When you have downloaded the APK of Animal Voyage, look for the file in your phone’s file manager
  4. Click on the file and after that click on the Install application option
  5. And ready! Enjoy the Animal Voyage experience

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