How to Download and Install Applications for Haier Smart TV without Play Store Is it Possible?

Currently, thanks to constant technological advances, a large number of smart devices have been developed, among which one of the most outstanding are Smart TVs, which are technically smart televisions capable of performing certain functions. similar to that of Smartphones. It should be noted that there is also an alternative that makes an old television can have these functions

What are Haier Smart TVs?

One of the Smart TV brands that is gaining some popularity are brand televisions Haier Due to the high image quality it has and its new improvements with respect to sound, there are several people who decide to change the television in their home for one of this brand due to the good reputation that its developers and their home appliance distributors have achieved, It should also be noted that Haier has managed to arrive with the quality of 4K UHD on your Smart TVs.

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One of the most common doubts among users who have a Haier Smart TV is whether said device is capable of downloading applications within its system, which is really possible and in this article we will teach you how to download applications to your television. Haier Smart TV.

How to download and install apps for Haier Smart TV

Downloading applications for Smart TV televisions may sound a complicated task for people who are unaware of these devices, but the reality is that it is something very simple to do, the main thing you should have is a Smart TV that is compatible or has the requirements to download Apps and a good internet connection signNext we will give you a series of steps to be able to download applications on your Haier Smart TV:

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Steps to download Apps to Haier Smart TV with Google Play Store

  1. The first thing you should do is turn on your TV and make sure it is connected to a Wi-Fi network and has a stable internet connection.
  2. Access your TV menu
  3. Once inside the menu, go to the official Google Play Store
  4. Within the Google Play Store you will be able to find a large number of apps and games that are compatible with your Smart TV so you can download
  5. Choose the Application you want to download and then enter its description and details. If you are sure you want to download it, press the “ download” so that later it begins the download of the same in your television Smart TV
  6. At the end of the download and installation, you will be able to find the Application in the menu of applications installed on the Smart TV, if you want to open it, it will be enough simply selecting it using the TV control.

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Downloading an APK file for the Smart TV is also something you can do, for this you will have to download a program called Sideload Launcher which after having downloaded you will have to allow all the permissions it requires for it to function better.

Once installed, enter the App called “It’s File Explorer” which will allow you to download any APK file you want.

How to download Apps without Google Play Store on my Haier Smart TV

If you do not have the Google Play Store application, you can simply install it through your Smart TV browser by searching for the keyword of “download Play Store for Smart TV” and accessing the official page, but if you do not want to use this App or your Smart TV does not have this Application installed by default, you can access the Apps platform found on your Smart TV, which is a store that is installed from factory on all devices of this type

If you do not have a download store on your Haier Smart TV, you can choose to search for one through the browser, or simply by searching for the application you want to download directly in the browser’s search engine.

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It should be noted that this method is usually somewhat risky since if we do not have the necessary knowledge we could download a malware file, which could cause the generation of a virus in our Smart TV that could start to work with various errors and problems so we recommend only downloading files from trusted pages.

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