How to Download and Install Compatible Applications on a Samsung Smart TV in Few Steps

Today technology advances at a rapid pace, bringing with it new equipment, software and applications that attract the attention of many potential clients around the world, And by this we mean that large companies like Samsung always bring new products to the market, which somehow make it necessary for the consumer.

It is there where the evolution of televisions comes in, devices in charge of transmitting entertainment to people through programs and channels, which are sent by satellite signalIn this way, you can enjoy your favorite shows and series at all times from the comfort of your home.

These teams have evolved over time and Samsung launches a product called Smart TV, which will offer you an excellent visual quality, accompanied by an excellent artificial intelligence that makes it unique and perfect.

That is why in this post we will teach you how download and install applications compatible with your Samsung Smart TV. Continue reading and find out more.

What is Samsung Smart TV?

It is a classic LED TV adapted with intelligent technology developed by the Samsung franchise, these devices have the ability to play movies in high definition with its built-in Blue Ray unitIt also has a software system that allows you to download and install applications that users want.

Having a team with this technology can offer you excellent advantages, such as browsing your social networks preferably from the big screen, in addition to listening to your favorite songs in excellent quality and good sound.

person browsing smart tv store

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That is why if you have this equipment we recommend you to verify the tricks that you can perform with your Smart TV, and in this way get all the potential that it can offer you.

Steps to download and install applications on Samsung Smart TV

On this device you can install all kinds of applications you want, but you must bear in mind that this device has its own called operating system Tizen, which comes to have a certain resemblance to the Android TV models, but its big change is in the way of installing the applications.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that applications may be supported by equipment model and year, that is to say that Disney + was launched in 2020, which is only compatible with Smart TV models from 2016 onwards.

Also, to download these applications we recommend you to see our steps to connect our Smart TV to your Wifi network. Once this is clear, below we will show you the steps to follow to download your favorite apps.

  • You must press the button «Home» on your TV remote, which will take you to a new window.
  • Once in the menu, scroll to the bottom and press the option «Smart hub”This is the brand’s app store.

smart tv store

  • Being inside the store you can search for the application you want, and that is obviously available in the large catalog that it offers you.
  • Once the application you want is located, press the option «install”And voila, you just have to wait for it to download, and it will be added to your list of recent applications

On the other hand, you can not only download applications such as Netflix or Disney +, you can also download video games, which is why we invite you to see how to download games on Samsung Smart TV.

If for some reason when you enter the Smart Hub you cannot download applications, it is because you must start the section with an account of Samsung Account, and in this way if you can buy the products of your store.

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Finally, you can visit the official Samsung website to purchase one of their products, and find out all the latest news about their Smart TVs.

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