How to Download and Install Counter Strike Global Offensive? (Example)

The resounding success of the latest Counter Strike video game is undeniable. For this reason it is more than evident why fans of this game want to try it immediately. Although the game is paid, it is possible to try it before investing in it, here it will be explained to you how to download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Global Offensive is the fourth release in the Counter Strike saga. It is available for Xbox 360, Play Station and Windows and Mac computers. It is also possible to download it on the Linux operating system. The easiest way to get hold of it is by downloading the free version on Steam. To know how to do it, keep reading!

Aspects to take into account before downloading CS: GO

Before I start download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive you must take into account certain aspects. The first one is that this version of the game is only available on Steam. So you will not be able to have it from other platforms.

One of the advantages of this version is that it does not expire. Despite being a free trial version, it does not have a limited time of use. However, it is a restricted version of the game because it is free, so it does not offer all the functions of the paid version, which means that you will not have the option to play online with other players.cs go global offensive logo

Something that you can do with this version of Counter Strike global Offensive is watch the broadcasts of the best championships from GOTV.

Download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive

The free to play version of CS: GO found via Steam. So to download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive, you will have to have an account within the platform to avoid problems later.

Install Steam

Steam is a Valve platform that allows you to play free and paid video games from your computer. To install it on your PC you must go to its official website and select the option to “Create an account”.

After having entered your email and having solved the captcha, choose a username and password. After completing this process, Steam will send a validation email to your email, click on the link they send to validate your account.

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Now what remains is to download and install the client on your computer. The page will automatically detect the operating system of your PC and download the program compatible with it.

When you have it downloaded, click on it and launch it. The application window will appear on your desktop. Follow the steps that it shows you to configure it and voila, you already have Steam on your computer and you can download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Download CS: GO on your PC

After having installed the Steam application on your computer, you can proceed to download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive.

counter strike go game

What you have to do is go to the game file from the Steam search engine. Once there, just select the option to download the free top play version and that’s it. It’s that simple to download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive. However, try to find what requirements do I need to install and play the counter ?, so that later you do not download something that does not run.

If after having played and tried the free version of CS: GO you liked it enough to want to get the full version, you can get it for only € 12.49.

Keep in mind that with this version you will be able to play online with people all over the world, which will increase the difficulty to which you have already become accustomed playing with the bots of the free version.

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That is why it is worth looking for guides that teach you how to play Counter strike global offensive, and how to see or show the FPS, so that you can improve quickly.

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