How to Download and Install Deepin Desktop in Linux Ubuntu Easily (Example)

The customization of an operating system is a strong point with which many computers and mobile devices have, a point in favor when it comes to adding users, allowing to maintain a flexible character in terms of the appearance of its interface, adjusting to the tastes of users.

The Ubuntu Linux distribution

Linux distributions are one of those operating systems that you can adjust according to your tastes and needs. The third most used operating system in the world, thanks to is open source software, is enhanced with the collaboration of its millions of developers from different countries and continents.

Such is the flexibility capacity of this operating system that, if you maintain a distribution like Ubuntu Linux, but you want to have the desktop of another distribution such as Deepin … you can do it!

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How? The way to achieve this you will get in this article, a small guide that will help you download and install the Deepin desktop in Linux Ubuntu easily. Go ahead and read on!

What is Deepin?

This Linux distribution released in December 2009 has been considered as one of the most elegant interface distributions which can exist within the entire Linux gamut.

Deepin desk

Deepin has been structured based on the Debian distribution, so, in case of having said distribution and you intend to install Deepin, you could better consider installing the distribution of Deepin as such.

Problems with other distributions

In addition, it is important to note that the installation of the Deepin desktop is not something that other Linux distributions can support, so it could be said that it is special for Ubuntu Linux users.

So, think about it very well before installing Deepin in some other Linux distribution, since could significantly affect the operation of your operating system.

Users with distributions such as Fedora or Arch Linux have already reported these types of problems. So caution is recommended when trying.

The advantages of its installation

Not only is it an elegant interface, but it also has a file distribution system that many users consider important. Undoubtedly, having this type of customization will help you maintain more order on your computer.

Steps to install Deepin

Having the Deepin desktop on your Linux Ubuntu is not something that requires supreme and exhausting work. It consists of a series of simple steps. Here you will have a kind of simple guide in which you will be explained, step by step, what is necessary to achieve it in a satisfactory way, do you dare?

The first thing you should do is use the terminal of your Linux Ubuntu, pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + T, it is also possible to activate this application by means of the keys Ctrl + Shift + T.

install Deepin

Once the terminal has appeared on your screen, it is time to add the repositories corresponding to Deepin, excuse me? Very simple, by means of the command «app-apt repository«. In this sense, this is going to be the command that you will add to the terminal:»Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: leaeassy / dde«

System update and installation of Deepin

Once you have done the previous step, it is time to check system updatesTo do this, you will use the command: «sudo apt update«.

Having already updated the system, it is time to proceed with the installation of the Deepin desktop in your Linux Ubuntu with the following command: «sudo apt install dde«.

With this, the Deepin desktop is already installed. If you want to download some complementary packages so that the desktop keeps more similar to the original version of the distribution. You can run the command: «sudo apt-get install deepin-gtk-theme«.

Fast and easy!

Pretty straightforward, huh? In this way, you already have the Deepin desktop in your Ubuntu Linux distribution. Ready to be used and waiting for you to admire the elegance of this interface. Tell other friends how to make this adaptation and put this new knowledge into practice.

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