How to Download and Install Defraggler Professional in Spanish Very Easy!

Do you know how to defragment the hard drive in Windows? Hard disk defragmentation can ensure the good performance of the PC. For this reason, it is necessary to do this procedure from time to time through an effective tool such as Defraggler Professional. We recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to download and install Defraggler Professional in Spanish Very easy!

What is Defraggler Professional?

Defraggler Professional is one of the best programs to defragment your hard drive in Windows. In particular, this application facilitates defragmentation of folders on exFAT, FAT32, RAID or NTFS partitions.

Defraggler Professional is considered a special application because it performs the defragmentation process quickly. This is very positive and attractive for users who choose this software instead of other tools for the same purpose.

What is Defraggler Professional for?

Defraggler Professional is used to defrag partitions Windows operating system and therefore optimize hard drive. When there are many fragmented files on the hard disk, this component must move its axis continuously in order to get all the fragments.

As a result, access to the hard drive slows down. For this reason, it is essential to analyze the hard disk and perform an efficient defragmentation when the component requires it. Defraggler Professional fulfills this function to clean the hard disk in Windows and improve its performance to the maximum.

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How to download and install Defraggler Professional in Spanish Very easy!

If you want to download and install Defraggler Professional you must take into account some requirements stipulated by the Piriform company and follow the steps that we explain below.

The two versions of Defraggler: Free and Premium

Defraggler has a free version and a paid one which is “Defraggler Professional”. The latter is available to those users who decide to purchase the software for an amount of $ 24.95.

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The Defraggler Professional installation package includes a tool called “PC health check”, computer optimization features, a network sniffer detector, automatic app updates, and premium support.

Download Defraggler Professional

If you want to download the premium version “Defraggler Professional” you must access the official website. Choose the language “Spanish” at the top right and press the “Buy Now” button.

The website will open another page for the secure purchase. Click on the menu on the right of the window and choose the currency. Then enter your email, first name, last name and address. Choose the payment method that can be via PayPal, Wire Transfer or through a credit card and click on “Buy now”.

install defraggler professional version

Install Defraggler Professional

Once you have the software package on your PC, proceed to install. To do this, locate the file “Setup” and run it. You will see a new window, where you must press the “Install” button.

Select the language “Spanish” and manage other options through “Customize” in order to open the application with the system or add the program icon on the desktop. The installation process is done quickly and once it is finished, you can open the application and start using it.

Use Defraggler Professional

When you open the Defraggler Professional program you will notice that has a very practical and simple interface. In a single window, the characteristics of your hard drive are shown, including the used and available space.

One of the most prominent tabs in the program is “Status”. There you will see the different parameters that reflect the performance of the computer as well as other characteristics related to the temperature and the status of the hard disk.

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Using the option “Analyze” the software is in charge of checking the disk fragmentation status and shows the percentage in a report.

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