How to Download and Install Free Lightroom Mobile Preset for Cell Phones

All when we want to remember or we want to be remembered, when we want to frame a story, a party, an important event, or we want to make a memory or a movie out of our life we take photos, That is why it is important to know how to take professional photos with a cell phone.

Photography, in addition to being a technique, is an art, with which we can obtain images, whether by manual or digital cameras. Manual cameras use films to then process them by means of chemical liquids and thus obtain these photos in physical form.

Digital cameras use sensors CMOS, CCD among others so that these images can be saved in the memory of the camera. The photograph arises in 1984 by Niépce, which were made in Judean bitumen to later be dispersed on a silver plate.

In 1938 the daguerreotype was invented, which covered the first procedure that includes a development stage. It was not until 1906 that Gabriel Lippman was able to obtain color photographs for the first time.

It was not until 2000 that the first mobile phone with camera by the Sharpy J-Phone company, which allowed the user to take photos in more than 256 colors with 0.1 megapixels.

Over the years, technology has allowed these cameras to be modernized to the point that on your mobile devices you can find high-resolution cameras, thus obtaining excellent photographs.

However, you still need to edit your photos. For this there are multiple Applications that give you the option to do it in an easy way, without complications when installing it and so complete that you can modify and customize your photos and images, you can even use and edit the photos in Photoshop online.

What is Preset Lightroom?

comparison between original photo and Oak and Magenta one over the other

At the time of take a picture With your digital device you can edit, adjust and personalize each image you want, but if you want to reveal your images and save them you can also do it, you can even turn it into an Instagram filter.

Presets Lightroom is nothing more than a program that has a tool that allows you to make adjustments prior to development, whether they are touch-ups, filters, or enlargements with just a single click on the image you want to edit.

You must take into account that Lightroom presets It is a program that is not usually as advanced as others, but it can be very useful in which you can save a lot of time when editing images.

It is noteworthy that this tool had its beginnings around 2006, which allows you to use it, even if you don’t have much experience, since you can currently download this tool, which is very easy to use.

In this year 2020 you can find a variety of Lightroom Presets in which you can download to your mobile device for free.

For example, I’ll show you some of them you can decide for: Greece Preset (DESKTOP + MOBILE) by Ollivves, Free Mobile Presets by Orange and Teal Lightroom, Presets by Rose Mobile Lightroom, Mobile Mobile DNG Preset Positano, Landscape Preset Free mobile DNG.

The presets or adjustments help you to present your photos with aesthetics, coherence and potential, in that way when publishing your photos on social networks they are of impact.

How to download and install Preset Lightroom Mobile for free?

phone in one hand with Preset Lightroom Mobile dark photo

To start you must first download the free application from the Play Store or the IOS App Store on your smartphone or mobile device that you use. Then download the file and put it in the cloud in a folder. This is for the purpose of protecting your photos or images. Now that you have this, it is time to follow the steps.

Step 1

Select the photo using OneDrive, Dropbox or Drive then insert it into LightRoom. DNG on your mobile or cellular device. Next open your image, then go to settings and click Copy Setting already on the previously selected image.

Step 2

Go back to the library option and choose the photo of your preference to which you want to edit and go to settings in the paste settings option. Then save the adjustment of the previous image that you selected and click on the option Create fit and it will be pre-established.

Step 3

Give the new folder the name that you like, and every time you enter and open an image the settings that are already preset apply them.

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