How to Download and Install Geometry Dash for PC Windows or Mac, Latest Version

Since its launch on August 13, 2013, Geometry Dash has fascinated millions of people, this multiplatform has become one of the best video games to enjoy with friends and family anywhere. Since you can download it both on your Windows PC and on your mobile device. But with the latest updates, you lack space on your mobile and you can no longer enjoy this game.

Lack of storage is no longer an impediment, here we will explain step by step how to download and install the latest version of Geometry Dash on your Windows PC or mobile. In addition to some data that the new version of this game brings that will make you enjoy hours in front of the screen.

Download and install Geometry Dash for PC Windows or Mac

Before you should know that to download Geometry Dash, you must have an emulator which is basically a tool that disguises your PC making it look like a mobile phone, so you can have the latest games in the mobile version and also totally free.

play geometry dash low levels

The emulator that we recommend is the BlueStacks, this is the most reliable, lightweight and compatible for Mac, Windows and works very well with Linux. The only thing this platform asks for is to have at least 4 GB of RAM, now follow these steps to download and install and start having fun:

  • Enter the BlueStacks official page and press the green button to start the download.
  • Wait a few minutes, in the files of the PC in the download folder you will find a file with the name of “BlueStacks”, press it and drag it to the desktop.
  • Then on the file press right click and select “execute as an administrator”.
  • Then a window will pop up where you must press “Next” making sure that the last two options that appear have a blue check. Finally press “Install”.
  • You already have BlueStacks installed and now you just have to log in with an active Gmail account.
  • Then press the green button that says “DONE” and voila, the emulator will be installed and fully functional.

geometry dash game screen

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As we explained before, the emulator makes Android mobile applications fit on your PC or Mac and thus, you can download Geometry Dash just as you would in the Play Store of your mobile.

Enter the emulator and in the search bar enter the name of the game, you will see that you already have the latest version, just download it. Another advantage of having BlueStacks is that you can also download applications like Facebook, Instagram and other games that do not use the internet.

Now that you have the latest version of Geometry Dash, and its new updates and a mode for you to create your own levels. What are you waiting for? challenge your friends play win and beat them all.

And what if you can’t download the emulator? After all, some computers and mobiles don’t have that much space, or worse, after downloading they get tediously slow, this can be caused by malicious applications, which leads to uninstalling the emulator.

Does it mean you should just give up and forget Geometry Dash? Nothing of that! Right here we explain what you must do to download this incredible game, on your computer or mobile.

Download and install Geometry Dash for PC Windows or Mac without Emulator

  • I googled the official geometry link and download the game that only weighs 180.13MB.
  • Search the download folder for the compressed files of the game and drag them to the desktop.
  • Then right click on the file and choose “extract here”.
  • Then go to the folder of the data just extracted and press the icon of the game Geometry Dash.
  • On the icon, click the right button of your mouse and choose “Send to …” place “desktop” to create a shortcut to the game from your desktop.

You can now enjoy Geometry Dash, no need to download external tools. The best thing is that the application is portable which will make you and other friends enjoy this addictive game.

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We have shown you two ways to download Geometry Dash, both ways for Windows PC or Mac with or without an emulator. Follow our page for the latest updates and tips on this game or similar ones such as playing soccer without the need for internet.

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