How to Download and Install Google Lens on Any Android Mobile?

Today we are going to see how to download and install Google Lens on any Android mobile phone in an extremely simple way. In addition, we are going to see in detail what this interesting Google application is for.

Basically Google Lens is used to recognize any kind of object that is in front of you. All you have to do is open the application and point to it. In this way you will be able to have different actions related to it.

Depending on what you are targeting, it will offer you a series of options to choose from. It is not the same that you are pointing at a food plane as at a dog. Lens knows how to differentiate it and the action of the app is different depending on the situation and what you point to it.

The app integrates perfectly with Android and to offer you different results it makes use of other company apps such as the search engine, Assistant, Photos, etc. In this way you will have access to all the information on the internet and your applications to find certain results according to what you are aiming for.

Then we will see how to download and install Google Lens, but we are also going to do a brief but detailed review of all the functions that the application has. After this you will realize how useful it can be in many situations of our daily life.

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cell phone screen on google lens

How to install Google Lends on Android

Installing Google Lends is extremely easy, since the procedure is the same as any other Android application. Once in the Play Store, all you have to do is search for the application. When opening it you will have to press the button “Install”And accept the requested permissions.

After this, the automatic download will begin and it will be installed in the same way. What Lends offers is also available in Google Assistant and Google Photos.

cell phone screen on

What is Google Lens for?

The application evolved over time and many options were added. We are going to review each of its characteristics in the most detailed way possible.

  • QR reader. We can read any kind of QR code quickly and easily.
  • Translate text. Point the camera at the text you want to translate and instantly you will have everything in your language.
  • Copy all text. After pointing the camera, you can copy all the text. Ideal for when you want the text that is in an image and you do not want to write it.
  • Add events to the calendar. Just point to one and you can add it.
  • Search for words. While you are analyzing a text you can click on any of the words that appear in it and you will be able to search for it in Google.
  • Product Search. Did any product catch your attention? Do you want to buy it? Point and you will be able to access the nearby stores to be able to buy the same.
  • Make a call. Point to the number in question and you can make a call.
  • Various information. By pointing to a book, flowers, animals, food, buildings, etc. Google Lens will give you all the information you want regarding it.
  • Restaurant information. Point to the restaurant, capture and you will have all the information you need about it. Even reviews about the place.
  • Analyze the load of a restaurant. Continuing with the previous point, you can analyze the load of a restaurant in case you do not know what a certain food is about, its ingredients, etc.

As you can see, in terms of functions we have many and for all kinds of situations. The application is constantly evolving. So it would not be strange that in the future many other very interesting and above all useful things could be done.

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