How to Download and Install Google Play Store on Chinese Phones – Complete Tutorial

There are a large number of companies focused on the manufacture of mobile devices that launch terminals that do not have Google services even though they have the Android operating system installed in its entirety. These companies are normally present in countries quite remote, a A clear example of this are Chinese companies.

Chinese companies focused on making cell phones have had great growth and boom in recent years to the point that they are in the highest sales positions along with other important brands such as Samsung, iPhone or LG. Some of the most important Chinese brands currently in the world of mobile devices are Xiaomi and Huawei.

These companies present mobile devices with totally similar characteristics and incredible qualities to other major rival brands. Even in some terminals these specifications are much better than in other competing smartphones, thus proving to have the ability to distribute cell phones with exceptional quality.

However that is not all, these types of phones too are known for their good prices compared to the most recognized brands that offer the same terminals at incredibly high prices. Therefore, the demand for Chinese mobile devices has increased in an impressive way and more and more users own these cell phones.

Chinese mobile device versions launched on the market

These Chinese terminals are launched on the market in 2 editions, the Chinese version and the global version. The global version has all the languages ​​accepted in different parts of the world, it also has a good handful of Google applications such as Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Play, among other apps owned by this corporation.

android version

All these they are vital in our day to day and we’ve learned to live with them, they generally represent what it means to have an Android phone. Meanwhile, on the other hand is the Chinese version. It has a large number of its own apps for users in this country but does not have any focused on Google and the services and implements that it offers.

Typically, the versions of Chinese mobile devices found in the market of other continents they are global editions, which, as we said before, has all the Google options and tools that we are used to. In addition to the possibility of choosing our own representative language of the country where we are.

But likewise, this does not rule out the possibility that get yourself a chinese edition terminal and do not have any of the applications you are used to with Android. But this is not the end of the world, since there are ways to get these apps without any problem. Stay with us and find out the steps you must follow to achieve it.

How can I download and install Google Play Store on Chinese mobile devices?

Before startingFirst of all, we must take into account if our Chinese smartphone has the Google services app installed. If the answer is yes, we can continue with the procedure without any problem. If the answer is no, we will have to download this app to avoid any kind of problem during downloads and installations.

This We can download it as an APK file From any alternative or third-party store, we recommend some such Uptodown, APKpure or Aptoide. Once this is installed we can continue with the steps to download the Play Store and then later any Google application to our respective Chinese version terminal.

phone download

Our first step to take It will be to enter the configuration of our respective mobile device, there we will look for the accessibility option and within that list of options we will go to the box of unknown origins. This is normally off, therefore in order to continue we will have to activate it and accept it in the notice that will be presented to us.

Once this is done we will only have to download the Play Store app from an alternative store as we did previously with Google services. Having installed the Play Store, we can download all the apps designed and launched by Google, in addition any type of application or game that is there.

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