How to Download and Install Hevc and AV1 Video Codecs in Windows 10? (Example)

Nowadays, video content is of the utmost importance, it does not matter from which streaming platform you consume videos but the format in which they are reproduced, that’s why Today you will learn how to download and install the Hevc and AV1 video codecs in Windows 10.

It is important that you learn this because although the formats that exist today are not bad at all, technology advances, and better programs are coming out that eventually supplant the existing ones, this is the case of, for example, the AV1 format.

Download and install Hevc and AV1 video codecs on Windows 10

To be able to speak properly about how to download and install Hevc and AV1 video codecs in Windows 10, first you have to say what they are.

Basically both are video encoding standards, which serve once they are installed, to give better quality to the videos. Something like changing the quality of videos on YouTube in an instant.

In the case of Hevc, it is the one currently used to play 4k UHD videos in Windows (of course if the video is encoded in this format). The acronyms that represent it stand for High Efficiency Video Coding, which translates into a high-efficiency video coding standard.

This is very good because it allows the reproduction of a video in high quality but with the same data rate. Also compress a video or movie with this format, it takes up much less space than its predecessor H.264 (almost half).

download and install av1 codecs

It also has the advantage of having a native support of the Windows 10, this at the time of reproduction will be decoded by the hardware consuming the least amount of resources.

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How is it installed? Well, this is where its only disadvantage comes in, to be able to download it you have to sign up for the Microsoft store and buy it for 0.99 euros. Once obtained, you just have to install it (it is a complement), and of course start using it in those videos that support this format.

Download and install AV1

To finish with learning how to download and install the Hevc and AV1 video codecs in Windows 10, it is of course necessary to talk about Av1.

Check the internet speed with a WiFi Speed ​​Test to avoid problems during the download and installation process.

To obtain it you must also go to the Microsoft store and in the search engine simply place it by its name. Click on “Get” and voila, then you just have to install it like any add-on.

It should be clarified that in the same section of AV1 in the Microsoft store it says that this is a Beta version. Therefore, errors still occur when running it. However this does not take away its advantages.

It is open source and because it is already available direct from the store, it is compatible with Windows 10 system tools. Also, also with Mozilla and Chrome (it is planned to bring it to YouTube).

  download and install hevc windows 10

Its compression rate is up to 40% with less loss of image quality which makes it superior to Hevc. And this in turn has the support of companies such as Facebook, Chrome, Firefox, Google, among others, so it is expected that it will become the video format of the future.

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To conclude, it must be said that you can download and install the Hevc and AV1 video codecs in Windows 10 at the same time, and try for yourself which one works best for you, because although the AV1 is shaping up to be better, it is still under development. so Hevc is still not outdone. Try them both, enjoy them, and of course the best one wins.

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