How to Download and Install HitFilm Express Free on Windows or Mac- Full Tutorial

By downloading and installing HitFilm Express for free, you can see that it has the best video editing modes. Being a perfect tool for beginners, it is easy to understand and its tools are quite complete.

Within the same application you can find free usage tutorials, so the user will fully prepare. Access to its download is completely free, but there is the option to contribute to its development and maintenance.

This is completely optional, but if you do, you can have editing plugin packages. To know more, you can continue reading this article designed for you.

Steps to download and install HitFilm Express for free

Step 1

You enter the application download site, which may vary depending on the platform you prefer to use. There you can choose whether you want to download for free or by making a contribution.

If you want to do the free download for Windows or Mac, the selector is brought all the way to the left. Once this is done, press “Download”(In case of free download) or“Buy Now”(If it was decided to pay).

Step 2

On the pop-up page, the form data is filled with mandatory content for download and install HitFilm Express for free. The email and password are necessary to enter and create the account in FXHome.

download hitfilm free

At this stage of the download you must have password security, as there is no confirmation box. If it was not contributed, check that the amount is zero in the form, pressing after “Sed me the Express Download”.

If input was given, the corresponding payment method (those available are credit / debit cards or payment with Paypal).

Step 3

Upon completion of the above, the download address of the application installer will be received in the email provided. For download and install HitFilm Express for free, the download address is pressed, thus opening the page in the browser.

We proceed to select the operating system (Windows or Mac) and then click on the corresponding link. While the download is done, note the activation serial provided by the page.

Step 4

Once the download is finished, the folder where the file was placed is opened, executing it to install. If you want to do it on another team without ddownload and install HitFilm Express for free in it, it can be done.

This file should only be copied after running and it can be used simultaneously without any problem.

Program activation process

When HitFilm Express runss for the first time, the program displays an activation panel. In it you will find the option of “Activate & Unlock”, Which will be clicked.

Once this is done, another panel opens in which the email and password used in the completed form are entered. After selecting “Login” and, if requested, you must enter the activation serial that has been copied previously.

download hitfilm express free tutorial

The process for download and install HitFilm Express for free will have culminated. Thus, finally, the program will fully work and videos can be created without watermarks.

Note on account recovery

When the form is completed, a user account with the recorded data. The address where it was installed and the assigned password will be permanently registered in the account.

To retrieve this information it is only necessary to enter the site of FXHome, thus obtaining all the given data. It is recommended to take notes of these when fill out the form completely.

Thus, in future opportunities, there will be no access problems when it is done use of the platform for your programs.

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