How to Download and Install Kdenlive on Windows, Mac or Linux for 32 and 64 bits Free

Download and install Kdenlive for free In different operating systems, sometimes, it requires other programs that make the process possible. All this is because many users do not understand the direct installation process of this editing program.

Once the download on the direct web of Kdenlive, the decompression process does not need passwords. This may vary depending on the operating system of the device on which the video editing tool.

To know the process in each of these cases, you just have to keep reading and find out what you need.

Process to download and install Kdenlive for free on different operating systems


You must enter the website to download the Kdenlive for Windows, having to download FFmpeg64 codecs. Both will be found in compressed Zip files, having to unzip Kdenlive first and then the codecs.

Then, the codecs are entered, copying the folders called _bin_ and _presents_, then pasting them into the Kdenlive folder. Once this is done, the exe file that is inside the folder is executed, thus opening the program.

It closes and reopens so that all the configuration is done after download and install Kdenlive for free. You do not have a single install for this operating system, but a version is expected to be available soon.

download kdenlive free


Unlike Windows operating system, with Mac the process is a bit easier. This is thanks to the fact that no programs are needed for its operation or proper installation.

Entering the Kdenlive website, you can get the program in a compressed way, downloading it instantly. It is not too heavy, and once the unzipping process is done, it is only necessary to restart the Mac device.

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Thus, the configuration will be finished and download and install Kdenlive for free it becomes even easier than previously thought.


In this case, the procedure is as simple as with the devices of the Mac operating system. The decompression is fast, no additional programs are needed and that makes it easier to use.

Sometimes it is not necessary to restart the device or computer where the program download. By simply closing it and reopening it, you can begin to enjoy the tools it offers to Linux.

Advantages of downloading and installing Kdenlive for free

East editing program makes it possible for managed content to have various characteristics when completed. The tools with which the videos are made enable the process of screen recording and webcam.

Thus, the content becomes less monotonous, catching all the attention of the viewer of the video, if it is decided share publicly. Countless audio and video tracks can be placed and can be trimmed, accelerated, moved or cut without any problems.

When editing is finished, you can have the result in formats MPEG2 or AVCHD, choosing the one you prefer. When it’s over download and install Kdenlive for free, commands are enabled to facilitate the use of its tools.

To find out what these are, you can access the system configuration, understanding the location and necessary combinations. This alternative is available for the 3 operating systems mentioned, from 32 to 64 bits.


Regardless of how long the edited elements are, it will undoubtedly be much more developed and complete than an online editor. Kdenlive allows its elaboration no capacity issues. The quality of the videos can be chosen by the editor, being possible to choose a predetermined one or one per video.

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If other operating systems are used, download and install Kdenlive for free it can be more complicated. To find out, it is recommended to go directly to the official platform.

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