How to Download and Install QUIBI on Android or iOS Safely – Quick and Easy

the varied list of entertainment companies focused on offering multimedia content such as series, movies and programs has been on the rise.

This has been clearly evidenced due to the great success of streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO. These over the years have obtained an immense number of users around the world.

Clearly its rise has allowed the idea of release blockbuster movies on these platforms More and more often, in the same way, renowned series have followed the same line, thus creating an innate preference for these entertainment companies, opening a new market for film and television.

Several companies have taken a firm step in entering this exploitable and popular market, all of these are in search of the same recognition that Netflix has collected, this being the streaming portal of choice. Some of the companies that have created their own platform are Amazon with Amazon Prime and Disney with Disney +.

These 2 streaming portals named above have seen remarkable acceptance and success, despite being considerably new. These actions have given way to the creation of new platforms and this is how we introduce you to QUIBI. Stay with us and find out everything about this new streaming portal.

What is QUIBI and what does it have to offer us?

It is a new company focused on entertainment, which presented its streaming platform in the City of Los Angeles to early April 2020. This portal was promoted by great personalities and entrepreneurs such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman. Both have been part of major companies like Ebay and Disney.

platform logo

QUIBI has been launched on the market as a streaming platform in the same style of big companies like HBO, Amazon Prime or Netflix, with the function of presenting its clients with the opportunity to watch all kinds of movies, series, documentaries and programs from the servers of this platform without any type of problem or inconvenience.

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But this it has a very interesting point and different from the others. QUIBI reaches the streaming platform market with a rather peculiar characteristic not found in any of the current entertainment companies. Any type of multimedia content uploaded to the portal will not exceed 10 minutes in duration.

Therefore, any type of film, series, documentary or program may not exceed 10 minutes, so we will see movies or series divided into different shorts.

Despite being a rather daring proposal, QUIBI has managed to raise quite a significant sum of money from the moment its announcement was made. respective launch.

Despite all efforts, QUIBI announced its definitive closure at the beginning of December 2020. All this due to different factors such as subscription prices, short variety of options and more.

How can I safely download and install QUIBI on Android?

Like any other streaming platform, QUIBI offers us an application for mobile devices. In case you have a terminal with an android system, you will only need to follow a few simple steps to download this incredible app on your respective mobile. Stay with us and find out all the details About this.

Our first step to take will enter the Play Store, which is in our drawer of applications. Once inside the market we will only have to go to the search option and write «QUIBI». Once done, we will be presented with the app which we can download so that it can then proceed to install itself automatically.

phone application

In case for some reason you can’t download the app from Play Store or you are having problems, you can go for the second option. You can download QUIBI from any other alternative or third-party store. Among those preferred by the public and recommended by us are Uptodown and APKpure.

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How can I safely download and install QUIBI on iOS?

If your mobile device is an iPhone you will have to download the QUIBI application from the App Store. It is very simple, you will only have to look for the name of the app and then finally download and install it.

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