How to Download and Install Recuva Professional in Spanish for Free

In some circumstances, we accidentally delete files from our computer. When this happens, we feel powerless and do not know how to recover important data that has been inadvertently lost. For this reason, the Recuva tool emerged and, precisely, in this article you will learn: How to download and install Recuva Professional in Spanish for free

What is Recuva Professional?

Recuva Professional is an application developed by the Piriform company. This tool was created with the aim of recover data or files that have been permanently deleted from hard drive.

The files that the Recuva program recovers cover any extension, be they videos, documents, audios or photos. In addition, data and files can be rescued from a hard drive or a removable drive (pendrive).

How does Recuva Professional work?

Recuva Professional performs a search for the unreferenced data. If this data was overwritten, then the tool will not be able to recover the files in any way. Therefore, Recuva professional takes care of recovering deleted files and videos on a PC just like another tool called Jihosoft PhotoRecovery does.

This happens because when deleting a file from the recycle bin, the system marks said file as deleted without completely erasing its data. Therefore, the data remains in a disk space until another file is overwritten in the space occupied by the previous data.

Install Recuva Professional

How to download and install Recuva Professional in Spanish for free

The download and installation of Recuva Professional is very simple. You just have to carefully follow the steps that we explain below and you will be able to to take advantage of all the qualities of this useful data recovery program. You will notice that this application will be paramount for you especially when recovering files deleted after formatting your PC hard drive.

The two versions of Recuva: Free and Professional

Before downloading Recuva Professional you should know that this version is paid. Recuva Professional has certain particular attributes such as Premium support, advanced data recovery and automatic updates.

There is also a free version call simply “Recuva” which only provides the data recovery option but does not provide support or updates.

Download Recuva Professional

If you prefer the professional version of Recuva, you should go to the official CCleaner website. There you will find two options: the free version “Recuva Free” and the Premium version “Recuva Professional”. Click on the option “Buy Now ($ 19.95)” and you will immediately see a new page for secure purchase.

Click on the menu at the top right and select the currency type for payment. Then, enter your email, first and last name, as well as the address and payment method (PayPal, credit card or Wire Transfer). Click on buy now, confirm the data and proceed to the download.

Install Recuva Professional

Once you have the installation package on your computer, access the executable file or “Setup”. A new window will open where you must select the language “Spanish” and mark options through “Customize”.

Nevertheless, It is recommended that you perform the installation with the options active by default. Then, press the “Install” button.


Use Recuva Professional

Once the installation process has finished, open the program, select the type of file you want to recover and the location where it was previously saved. Click the button “Analyze” and wait while the software takes care of locating the files that have been deleted.

When the search is over, check the list of recovered items and if you find the file you need, press the “Recover” button. On the other hand, if you want to change the depth of the scan, you can choose the hard drive and click “deep scan”. This process is slow but effective.

Recommendations about the use of Recuva Professional

We recommend that you perform the hard drive scan without waiting long from the moment the files were deleted. In this way, the overwriting of other files will not have been carried out since these could prevent the effective recovery of the data.

Although you can perform file scanning and recovery manually, Recuva Professional provides an assistant that can be very useful for you. We recommend that you use this tool anytime you need it. Sometimes you will need to recover files from the hard drive of a computer that won’t boot. In this case, you will have to use another computer and an alternative hard drive to do the above procedure from Recuva.

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