How to Download and Install Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Then we will see how to download and activate snipping tool in Windows 10 in a very simple way. In just a few steps you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that this comfortable operating system function offers you.

Screenshots are quite important whether you want to take them from a mobile phone or from a Windows 10 computer. Thanks to this we can save information that seems important to us, highlight something that we need to show someone, save photos that we cannot download, etc.

In short, it is a tool that you should have on your computer and that works much better than the option of taking a full screen capture using the key that we have available on the keyboard.

So let’s see how to download and activate this interesting Windows feature. Although we are also going to recommend an app that fulfills the same function and has certain additions that make it much more interesting.

What you should know when disabling and activating the Snipping Tool in Windows 10

When it comes to disabling this tool, what we really do is enable a policy that prevents execution this; therefore, it will be totally usual to see an error window once we try to start the application. However, when restoring operation there will be no problems with activation or any error window.

Disabling ‘Snipping’ is not a very good idea because of how useful it is. Screenshots with this are more selective and personalized than with the ‘ImpPt’ key, therefore, it is possible that replacing the tool with this key may not have the same results or it may not meet our needs. A good reason to disable this function would be to use a downloaded application that contains more functions and is more complete.

clipping tool

Steps to activate the snipping tool in Windows 10 if it does not appear

In the same tutorial we are going to see how to deactivate or activate the snipping tool in Windows 10, since we must do everything from the same place. This tool is a native Windows 10 function so it cannot be uninstalled, although it can be disabled if you wish.

  • The first thing we should do is write “regedit“After clicking on”Beginning”Or the“Windows”On our physical keyboard.
  • Now we must go to the following route from the left sidebar of the window: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft.
  • Here we will have to check if the key exists “TabletPC”In the left sidebar. In case it does not exist we must create it. For this we are going to right click on “Microsoft”And then we will go to New> Password and we write “TabletPC”.
  • Next, we press on “TabletPC”And on the right side of the window we will have to create a new value. For this we simply right click on a blank space and choose New> 32-bit DWORD value.
  • The name that we are going to assign is “DisableSnippingTool”And we created it.
  • As soon as we create it, we will have to double click on it and here comes the magic.
  • If we want the cropping tool to remain disabled, the value we must insert is “1”. But in case we want to keep it activated it must be “0

How to take a screenshot with the Snipping Tool in Windows

We go to the search bar and write ‘Snipping Tool’, in the applications section this will appear. Once we open it, go to the top and click on the ‘New’ option; In the next section we will find ‘Mode’ which refers to which parts of the screen the capture covers.

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This window offers us several options such as the ‘Free form clipping’, which allows select with the mouse specifically what we want to cut; the ‘Rectangular cutout’, which allows you to cut into a rectangle; ‘Window clipping’, which selects the window to which we click; and finally, the ‘Full Screen Clipping’, which covers the entire screen.

Once we determine how the clipping will be, the capture will automatically be made, showing it on the white sheet of the tool, as well as, we will have it available on the clipboard.

Disable Snipping Tool in Windows 10

To perform this task is recommended to make a backup copy of the Windows registry. Having done this, we can proceed to follow these steps:

  • In the search bar of the main menu we enter ‘gpedit.msc’, where the common Microsoft console document will appear.
  • When it opens, in the ‘Local Computer Policy’ section, we will go to ‘Computer Configuration’> ‘Administrative Templates’> ‘Windows Components’> ‘Tablet PC’> ‘Accessories’.
  • We will find a list in the central panel and in the configuration ‘Do not allow the execution of the Snipping tool’.

· Opening this window, we can view the configuration of this policy, to activate it, we will only have to mark the option ‘Enabled’, clicking on ‘Apply’. We click ‘OK’ to finish the process.

enable tool

Things to consider when disabling or enabling Snipping Tool in Windows 10

This tool can be considerably useful to be able to take specific captures of some area of ​​the screen. It is not the same as using “Imp Pnt Pet Sis”Which is the button to take screenshots of everything that happens on our computer screen.

Likewise, in case you want to use a good cropping tool, we recommend deactivating the tool that comes by default in Windows and using Lightroom. This app is capable of taking screenshots in the same way as the Windows function, but with additions.

You can edit the captures before saving them by adding symbols, arrows, text, etc. Ideal for those who want to teach something specific, do tutorials, etc. In addition, you can configure any key on your keyboard or mouse to take the capture immediately.

It is a complete application that makes things much easier for us when it comes to performing full screen shots or specific zones which is available for both Windows and Mac users.

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We hope you have no doubts about how to activate the snipping tool in Windows 10. In case you still have questions, you can leave them in the comments area a little further down.

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