How to Download and Install Speccy Professional in Spanish step by step

It is often very beneficial to know the features and specifications of a PC’s components. Thus, a solution can be found when hardware failures occur. Therefore, if you want to use Speccy Professional, we recommend reading this article with which you will learn How to download and install Speccy Professional in Spanish step by step

What is Speccy Professional?

Speccy Professional is a program of the English company Piriform that was created to perform pc diagnostics. In this sense, Speccy Professional focuses on a process of computer analysis to display a detailed report about the components on the computer.

Also, Speccy Professional indicates temperatures in real time of items such as RAM, CPU, GPU, and hard drive.

This way, you can get a timely hardware diagnosis to correct problems. Also, it indicates which drivers need an update and allows you to purge log files.

Speccy Professional Features

Speccy Professional works on the Windows system from version 7. This application can be a very complete support for obtaining a report on all the components that have been installed on the PC.

Speccy Professional has an easy-to-use interface and displays in multiple languages. Being a diagnostic tool, provides details of all the components on the PC. In fact, Speccy Professional emits information about some components of the software such as the operating system and the network. Thus, users can know the model of the motherboard they have installed in their computer or the clock frequency of their processor.

Socket processor

How to download and install Speccy Professional in Spanish step by step

Downloading and installing Speccy Professional is similar to downloading and installing Ccleaner. To do so, you need to take into account the requirements stipulated by the Piriform company, as well as a series of steps that we explain below.

The two versions of Speccy

Piriform company provides a free version of Speccy and “Speccy Professional” which is the private version of the application. The latter displays even more detailed hardware information and provides automatic updates to the user. Therefore, if you want to download Speccy Professional, you must pay an amount ($ 19.95) established by Piriform on its official website.

Download Speccy Professional

To download Speccy Professional you must access the official Piriform website. At the top right, select your language “Spanish” from the “Languages” option.

Click on “Buy Now ($ 19.95)” to open a new secure online shopping page. Choose the type of currency, enter your email, first name, last name and address.

Select the payment method (PayPal, credit card or Wire Transfer) press the “Buy now” button, confirm the data and proceed to download the software.

Keyboard and mouse

Install Speccy Professional

Once you have downloaded the installation package, locate the executable file in the folder you selected for its location. Double click on the “setup” file and you will immediately see a new window.

Choose the language you prefer for the program and click on “Customize”. Check the boxes to add options such as the application icon to the start menu, start the system with the application and / or receive automatic updates. Then press the button “Install” and wait a few seconds while the operating system installs the application.

Use Speccy Professional

When the installation process is finished on your PC, open the program. Immediately, you will see a simple interface that will show you a summary with detailed information about all the hardware of your computer.

If you require it, you can access the updates that Speccy Professional offers and configure their automatic download. Also, if you need particular help you can access the Premium support from Piriform that you will only find in the paid version.

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