How to Download and Install Spotify on my Smart TV

Music is something that is natively in our lives, man has the need to transmit his emotions to a physical plane, this can be done through art, dance, music and other passions that accompany human beings, That is why man for many years created artifacts to propagate the things that make him happy, among these we can find, the record player, the radio and the television.

These devices have been worked more and more to make them more sophisticated, improving each of their components and completely revolutionizing them, so much so that they have left their physical form and are now inside other devices such as cell phones, the television is one of those who has had the most changes and evolutions, going from being giant and heavy to being flat, with a wide screen and an operating system.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are the most advanced televisions at this point, these come in different sizes and features, they also come with added features, this to give the best viewer experience, As it can be the highest quality in image and sound sections, elegant designs and the connection without the need for wiring, all through a connection via Wi-Fi, if you bought a television verify that it is Smart TV.

Having a Smart TV with a intelligent operating software We could have functions such as browsing via the internet, giving us the opportunity to open applications such as WhatsApp on Smart TV, even install a browser to the operating system of our television and do our searches on it, an example of this is Mozilla Firefox which has a version of Firefox for Smart TV.

spotify music platform

Steps to install Spotify on a Smart TV

Spotify is a streaming application focused on the music section, It is the YouTube of songs, it is so popular that each artist currently has their Spotify platform, but Spotify is not only focused on having the songs of all artists with them, but also works as an online radio where you can listen to live broadcasts of songs and podcasts of any kind.

This platform with more than 10 years of existence today is in each of the systems, both in a Premium version where you can have extra functions and a free version that includes advertising and ads, this can be obtained both in the Google store Play Store as in the App Store, but also you can get it on your Smart TV, then we will show you how to download it:

  • The first thing is to know our Smart TV, we must navigate through the operating system interface that it has, it is important to know what operating system our television has, these usually have an android system or a similar one, we must also learn each of its characteristics, see what applications it contains since it often brings this type of applications such as YouTube, Spotify , Netflix integrated.
  • In the event that this is not the case, then our Smart TV will have its own integrated app store where we can download Spotify.
  • Then we will enter the store of our Smart TV, inside it we will see how it is organized and how it works.
  • We will locate ourselves in the search engine of the store and we will look for the Spotify application, within it we will see the specifications of the application, what is its size within the Smart TV, how is its interface and others, we will download and we will wait for it to download on our TV.

Spotify Smart TV

Install Spotify on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most sought-after products today, due to its usefulness and its good price. This device is capable of transforming a simple TV into a Smart TV, via an Internet connection and an HDMI port. You will only have to make use of the port, internet and that’s it, you can play streaming content with the option to play it in 4k if you want.

Once you have connected the Fire TV Stick to a power outlet, to the TV and to the internet, it will be ready to use, you can use this tool together with the voice assistant Alex, using these 2 tools together you can simply name the application that you want and this will put it for you. With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, we will have access to platforms such as Disney +, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, etc.

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If you want to play music on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you will have many platforms to choose from, some like Youtube, SounCloud, Pandora, IheartRadio, Tidal, Pandora, SiriusXM, etc. But today we will concentrate exactly on Spotify, as we well know, the most used in the world along with YouTube.

Sometimes, these types of applications are already pre-installed on these devices, but if this is not the case, We will only have to navigate through its interface until we find the App Store, and then proceed to search for the application, in this case, Spotify; download it and that’s it. You just have to log in and you can start enjoying.

In some cases, your phone’s Spotify can be synced with that of your Fire TV Stick, this if both are connected to the same Wifi network, thus allowing you to control Spotify from your phone.

Use Spotify with Chromecast

Now, another device similar to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, is the Google Chromecast. Like its main competitor, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, This device allows our TV, regardless of whether it is not Smart TV, be able to transmit all kinds of streaming or social media content.

Unlike the previous device, the Google Chromecast works as a mediator between your phone and the TV, allowing your phone to send everything you want to the TV, but applying the same principle of a USB pendrive, but with an HDMI connection. This device fulfills the function of a small computer that connects to WiFi and your mobile, making it an ideal device for all types of parties or social gatherings.

Now, if you want to play music, you will have access to a vast variety of options, but one of the most used par excellence, obviously is Spotify. Usually this app, like some others like Netflix, Youtube, etc. They come pre-installed, but if not, it’s not a problem, you can always install it on your own, entering the ChromeCast Store. And if your mobile is correctly synchronized, simply by having the application on it, you will be able to access the best music, in real time.

How to install Spotify and how to use it on my Smart TV?

After it has been downloaded, from the same store of our Smart TV we will have the option to open Spotify, in the same way in the interface of the menu of our television we will find it and we will be able to open it.

smart tv operating system interface

The first thing to do when opening Spotify is enter our email With which we have registered our Spotify account and password, remember that if you have a free account you will get ads while you are using the application, if you have the premium version you will be able to navigate without any problem on the Spotify platform.

Once we have entered our data, our Spotify account will be opened and we will be able to access all functions that the application has, from seeing the Tops List of your country, recommended based on your favorite genres or even accessing our saved lists to listen to from music, concerts or podcast.

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Smart TVs were designed to be the perfect allies for entertainment in our homes, being able to let us play all kinds of movies, series, videos, music, etc. The latter being essential for all types of social events, or simply for an afternoon of relaxation or cleaning. Spotify can be the perfect ally for your Smart TV, thus giving you endless hours of entertainment, dancing and enjoyment.

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