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Audacity is an easy-to-use audio software that allows convenient recording and editing from various devices since it is compatible with various operating systems, it is capable of recording live and even digitizing recordings from other media.

It also allows the import and export of sound files in various formatsIn addition, its recording quality is quite good, admitting 16bits, 24bits and 32bits, not to mention that the effects are totally modifiable and the edition becomes an extremely simple process because it works with buttons such as cut, paste, delete, undo and hence redo.

Create an experience in real time for the user Due to the fact that it allows a preview of the LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Unit (macOS) effects without counting that the tracks can be manipulated using keyboard shortcuts, in summary these characteristics make Audacity a software suitable for all types of users, from beginners to professionals.

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New release

A few days ago Audacity launched its version 3.0.0, which is free to download and supersedes all previous versions, in this version they change the format in which the projects are saved facilitating the work since now instead of saving in .aup format in small files, they are saved in .aup3 which is capable of storing the entire project thus saving that stack of files that sometimes caused so much annoyance.

This update promises to facilitate and speed up the work process Since fewer files would be being used, however, it should be made clear that at the end of the project, the closing and saving process will be a little slower but all this promises to be worth it, this however was the most outstanding modification, being the others just minor tweaks and fixes, like the improved “noise gate” and the new “tag sounds” analyzer.


Audacity It is a free software that does not require any type of registration or purchase of hardware and on its official page there are the download links for Windows, macOS and Linux, in fact legacy versions are also available if the user has old versions of the aforementioned systems.

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Officially have stated that there is currently no smartphone compatible version and even tablets, because their current versions require processing power and disk space that is not really found in mobile devices, in fact they also have limited support for wxWidgets with small screen resolutions.

In fact, its developers have stated that to launch a version for smartphones the software would require a total restructuring of its system and interface, which for now is not among future plans.

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Android solution

Currently users rely heavily on their smartphones, over time these have become part indispensable from day to day And thanks to technological advances, they have been able to be used at times as a replacement for a computer, many applications are aware of this and develop both versions because there are users who prefer to work on their mobile devices or in other cases they do not have a computer, however this is not the case with Audacity.

Regrettably there is no version compatible with android, In this case, the computer cannot be replaced, if the user wants and prefers to work with this wonderful software, he has to do it from a computer, however there are other software with applications designed to be compatible with the favorite operating systems of Smartphone lovers. .

Some top applications to replace Audacity are: Donin audio editor, Wape Pad audio editor, Music Maker Jam, Mix Pad Music Mixer and last but not least, The Hokusai audio editor

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These are just some alternatives that the user might find interestingWe invite you to try some and draw your own conclusions, if on the contrary Audacity is still the favorite and indispensable use, we invite you to check some articles about Audacity on our page in order to take full advantage of it. For example, you can easily learn how to improve your voice in Audacity.

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