How to Download and Install the BlackBerry Apk Keyboard on Android Phones

Blackberry was one of the largest telephony-focused companies in the world. Its boom was quite large to the point that its terminals were sold in all parts of the world and even had users of great renown such as presidents, artists, singers, actors and many more important people who in their time decided on a Blackberry mobile device.

Pitifully, Blackberry was falling in sales before the inclusion of fully tactile mobile devices and new much more innovative and interesting operating systems such as Android and iOS. Finally, the giant company Blackberry stopped manufacturing mobile devices in 2016, leaving the ground completely open for other companies.

Despite this, this company telephone company continues to be present in terminals, thanks to its inclusion in the world of applications for the Play Store by Android and the App Store by iOS. Blackberry basically uploaded to these digital stores all the apps of the mobile devices that they had created or at least all the possible ones.

Basically, this was done in order to present to all those fans who missed the platform and interface of the old phones a solution so that they can have it on their devices again all the special qualities and features that Blackberry in previous times it provided its large number of respective fixed users.

You can find all these applications within the category of the developer “Blackberry Limited”. There you will find applications quite famous in their time, such as the old Blackberry Messenger now has the name “Blacberry Enterprise”. You will also be able to see much more common apps such as contacts, calendar, notes and much more.

Within this wide list of applications there is one that is considerably downloaded by a good number of Android users. It’s about nothing more and nothing less than the original Blackberry keyboard. Keep reading and we will show you all the options that this application offers us. We will also tell you how you can download and use it on your Android terminal.

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What does the official Blackberry keyboard app offer us?

If you are one of those people who really enjoyed functionality offered by the QWERTY keyboard Of the old Blackberry mobile phones you are in luck, since the Canadian company presented its own APK created and designed specifically on its old original keyboard in the official Play Store, thinking of its most staunch fans of the brand.

This keyboard app has a good amount of tools for our Android terminal, in addition to having the elegant and simple interface original of blackberry mobile devices. On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that you can have classic options such as typing by voice dictation through the microphone button that appears on the keyboard.

You will also have the opportunity to compose by drawing or sliding keys without the need to press any. In turn, the keyboard presents the word prediction service but in a slightly different way than normally seen in original Google keyboards or keyboard implementation-focused apps.

The word prediction in this case will appear on the keyboard above the initial letter of the suggested word. These predictions will be presented in a miniature size but quite visible. It is also key to remember that you have all the typical qualities and characteristics found in keyboards common designed for android.

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How can I download and install the BlackBerry Apk keyboard on Android phones?

As we said before The official Blackberry keyboard app is fully available on the Play Store or any other alternative and third-party store. We will not have any type of problem or inconvenience when downloading it since this app can be found totally free in any market that we find.

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To install and use it without problem we will have to select this keyboard as the default keyboard in the accessibility box found in settings and tools of the mobile device. Once this option is activated we will only have to configure the keyboard app Blacberry official to our liking and that’s it. We can use this great keyboard without any problem.

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