How to Download and Install the Epson L395 Printer Driver on Windows, Mac and Linux

On our website we are attentive to your needs and if you want to install an Epson L395 printer, but you do not have the CDs. Well, that is not an impediment for you to use it, since you can download the drivers in Windows, Mac or Linux, depending on what you need. And here we write this article to help you.

The first thing you should do to download the drivers for the Epson L395 printer

To get started, make sure the printer is not connected to the computer via the USB cable. Then, in the internet search engine you write the Epson L395 model. Many options will appear to download the drivers, if in your case it does not appear automatically, you should enter the official Epson page and manually search for the drivers, also from their website you avoid downloading malicious software to your computer from another source.

On the official page, you will see a black line that says “downloads”. There below is a dialog box that says «Operating system», where you will see the operating system that Epson detects. Keep reading how to continue with the download and installation of the drivers for the Epson L395 printer.

How to download and install the drivers for the Epson L395 printer on Windows and Mac

Enter the painting «Recommended download». The words will appear «Driver and Utilities Installer» and a blue box next to it with the word «Download», click there. The download will start and the legend “L395_Lite_LA.exe” will appear on the inside of the screen.

The download will take a few minutes. After this, you can run the installation by dragging this legend to the desktop and double-click the installation icon, then accept. Set the language to Spanish. After reading the agreement of the terms of the license, you click Accept.

Epson official website window to download printer driver

Continuing with the installation of the software you need, do not ignore the «Epson Drivers and Utilities», and you give «Install». On Mac, it is recommended that you install the utility «Software Update», to give you the ability to stay up-to-date with the firmware and software for your printer. On Mac, if the message appears inviting you to participate in “Epson Customer Research Participation”, choose whether or not you want to participate.

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Then the box will appear «Printer settings», in Windows you click «Next» (in Mac «Start»). Then choose whether the printer connection will be wireless or USB connection and click «Next» in Windows («Continue» in Mac).

If you chose the installation for USB cable connection, connect it to print the test page to verify that you performed the installation correctly. Once the process is finished, you can exit and the printer icon will appear on the Desktop.

How to continue the process if you install the printer on a wireless network

Now you will see a firewall warning, click Next on Windows or Continue on Mac. If an alert message appears, click «To unlock» for the Epson Net Setup program to continue working.

On Mac you will see this message: “If asked for a password, enter the administrator password. If the Keychain Access dialog box appears, click allow ”, click «Accept» and then «Allow». Follow the prompts to automatically continue the installation. But if it can’t be configured automatically, a box may appear prompting you to enter the network name and password. Enter these logo

On Mac you will see the box «Add printer», follow the instructions, choose the Epson L395 printer and then click Continue. Then print the test page, click «Next» in Windows («Continue» in Mac).

When the Windows system searches for the latest firmware for your Epson, click «Next», follow the instructions and do not interrupt this process. When you see the «Configuration Summary«You give» Exit «in Windows (» Close «in Mac). This is how you complete the installation.

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For Linux system, if you download the drivers from Epson’s official site, the process is similar and quite friendly. We hope we have helped you and if you want to learn how to print a document without black ink or disable notifications from Epson printers, you can see the relevant articles on this portal.

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