How to Download and Install the Google Duplex App in Spanish for iOS and Android

If you are a busy person and constantly need to make reservations by phone for events or appointments, Google Duplex is the indicated for you. It can make calls for you to specific sites that appear on the internet and reserve your reservation according to the data you specify. Here you will find everything related to this new artificial intelligence system added to the Google Assistant.

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is about a new technology added to Google Assistant, which consists of completely changing the robotic voice of the Google Assistant for one that sounds more human, when ordering our Google Assistant to make a call, with Google Duplex it will make it seem as if it were another person calling and not a virtual assistant.

The main function of Google Duplex is to save time for its users when they have to make a reservation on a site, as long as said site have the contact information on an internet page, and the vision of this is to achieve the interaction between a person and advanced technology, as if they were two people exchanging words. For this technology system there is no configuration or adaptation.

phone with google duplex application

By having Google Duplex installed, just ask the Google Assistant to make a call for a reservation, and specify the data, it will automatically be Google Duplex who will order to make the call.

Currently the use of this new system is still limited only to some states of the United States, but a slow approach is promised in everything that will be possible by Google Duplex.

It is estimated that in the future Google Duplex may be able to fill out forms and forms on the web by the user, and will be able to make reservations of greater importance such as the reservation of a car service, among others.

This new technology will help people who have difficulty using the telephone due to a disability or other reasons. On the other hand, it will help the contact information of stores, companies, and others to be more precise In Internet.

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Google Duplex Features

One of the most impressive features of this application is its ability to set up a conversation and keep it flowing, since its system is supported by a recurrent neural network, which allows you to learn with experience. In other words, the information received is retained to later be used when required.

For the creation of the perfectly human voice, a system dictated through a deep neural network was used to manage the intonations.

This generated a wave of criticism as many believe that Google should notify that you are talking to a robot and not with a real person, as this could be a hoax. To which Google responded and said they were working on integrating a warning message system.

woman answering a call

Download and install the Google Duplex app in Spanish for iOS and Android

At the moment the Google Duplex application, which is the most recent function of the Google Assistant, is only available in Pixel phones and some iPhones.

However, on iPhone devices this application is not integrated from the factory, so that iPhone users can enjoy Google Duplex services, in addition to being in the United States, it is necessary that download the Assistant app, which is very similar to the one that devices with the Android operating system have, except for the option to configure it as the default assistant.

As this application is not yet available on many devices or in many places, it is estimated that when it is available on other devices with iOS and Android operating systems, it can be downloaded and installed through the application library of said operating system, either the Play Store or the App Store, as simple and fast as any other application and in the same way choose the Spanish language, if you prefer it.

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In the same way, if we want to have official information, we must be very aware of the social networks and official pages when they disclose the certified information.

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