How to Download and Install the ‘Gramera Scale’ Application to Weigh Light Things

The possibility of weigh small objects with your mobile It has become a reality, as applications have been developed that have all kinds of functions and that allow various tasks to be carried out. Such is the case of those that allow you to measure the mass of small objects.

In this way, you can use your phone as a tool to weigh light objects, and thus measure grams or fractions of a gram of which they have. So you no longer have to resort to a scale to weigh some light things.

So, in order for you to take advantage of all these functions on your mobile device, we will show you how to download and install the “Bascula Gramera” application to weigh light things and what you should take into account when using it.

The best applications of ‘Gramera Scale’ to weigh light things on the cell phone

The diversity of applications that can be found in stores for this purpose is practically infinite, so deciding which is the best app to weigh light things With your cell phone it can be a relatively complicated task. However, according to their functions and manageability, some stand out.

phone showing installed apps

In this case, one of the best applications of ´Bascula Gramera´ is Touch Scale. This platform is available to be downloaded on Android devices of any version, as well as for those with the iOS system. It is so simple to use that once inside the application you will only have to place the object on the screen and check its weight.

Likewise, another application that offers very interesting features when it comes to weigh small things with your mobile phone is Weighing plums. This is one of the most accurate applications you can find, however, it is only available for iPhone devices.

Another option you can try is the Diamond Scale app, which is available for Android and iOS. To start using the application you will only have to calibrate it and voila, you will be able to weigh the light things you want.

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How to download and install the ‘Scale Gramera’ application on the cell phone?

Mobile applications are at your disposal, to be easily downloaded and installed, as long as you have an internet connection and a sufficient amount of storage space available on your mobile phone.

Therefore, to download any of the applications that we recommend to weigh light things on your cell phone, you will only have to enter the app store that is within your reach. That is, you must enter the Google Play Store if you have an Android device, regardless of the version of your operating system that you have installed on your cell phone.

gramera scale application

Likewise, in case you have a device that works under the iOS operating system, you only have to access the Apple App Store. Once you have found the application of ´Bascula Gramera´ of your preference, you will only have to select the download option in it. Well, the installation of the application will be done automatically once the download is complete.

Rabbits to correctly use an application to weigh light things on the cell phone

The apps themselves do not pose any threat to your device mobile, as long as you are careful to avoid installing malicious applications on your mobile device. So what could go wrong while using a Gramera Scale app? here we will explain it to you.

To begin with, you must take into account the methodology that these applications use to calculate the weight of the objects that you measure there. Well, it is with the capacitive sensors on the screen of your device that this action is carried out, therefore, try to weigh things that have a mass less than 380gr, in order to protect the integrity of the screen.

Likewise, you should also protect the screen of your cell phone making sure that the things you are going to weigh have few pronounced edges, to avoid negatively affecting the glass that protects it.

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This way, if you are careful, you can maintain the integrity of your mobile phone while you are able to weigh light things on its screen, by using applications designed for this purpose.

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